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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Self-Care & Resilience Core Concepts

What is Self-Care?

Self-Care is the active and intentional practice of caring for ourselves. We lead complex lives and have multiple roles (partners, parents, learners, family members, and Social Workers). What happens all too often is that at the end of the day we bring home to ourselves and our families what is left of us. Self-care is purposefully engaging in activities, setting limits, taking time for yourself, etc.; so that you can give the best of you to yourself and your family.

Find out more about how essential Self-care is for a Social Worker:

Watch video     Self-Care Starter Kit (PDF)

What is Resilience?

Resiliency is characterized by a person’s internal capacity to meet challenges and face obstacles with meaning and purpose. The lack of resiliency leads to burn out for Social Workers, and building this capacity to meet life’s challenges takes quite a lot of practice.

Find out more about Resiliency and how you can build some:

Watch video

Burnout: A Social Worker’s Perspective

Learn more about the concept of burnout and what you can do to both prevent it and overcome it; from one of our Adjunct Faculty members, Katie McDannold.

Watch video

Organizational Resilience

As we know, burnout is common in the profession of social work and burnout can lead to turnover, poor morale and office culture, and decreased work performance. As organizational leaders, we need to ensure that we support the individual employees in self-care activities by integrating strategies into our organizational policies, practices, and plans. Watch this video to learn some strategies you can consider for your organization!

Watch video

Want more info? Good for you! Here are some stellar online resources for learning about, and practicing self-care and resilience building.