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College of Human Environmental Sciences

About the School of Social Work

Welcome Message

Welcome to the School of Social Work, in the College of Human Environmental Sciences, at the University of Missouri! For over ninety years social work education has been offered to students at Missouri's flagship public institution.

As our Mission Statement reads, the mission of the MU School of Social Work is to promote leadership for social and economic justice by preparing students for professional excellence and leadership in practice, research, and policy. Never before has our profession faced the challenges social workers encounter today. We have an increasingly diverse society that our profession warmly embraces while others would prefer a more selective and restrictive society. The resultant marginalization and oppression of these population groups has produced social inequities that places the lives of many people at risk and diminishes their overall quality of life.

Dale Fitch

Dr. Dale Fitch
Director and Associate Professor

Fortunately, our profession is there to meet those needs and to address the root causes that result in this marginalization in the first place. For example, why does our society take it for granted we have to have emergency food pantries that have grown in size over the last few decades? Why do we have to have an increasing number of homeless and domestic violence shelters? While great strides have been made with child abuse in our communities, why do we now see an increasing number of elder abuse cases? Alums from Mizzou's School of Social Work work across the entire service system in tackling these issues - as case managers in shelters, counselors and therapists in residential settings, program directors and executive directors in agencies serving these populations, and as researchers and policy advocates - all seeking to address the root causes.

We welcome you to visit us in person and on-line at, and learn more about the future awaiting you with the School of Social Work at University of Missouri. Together we can Make Tomorrow's Change Today.