Social Justice Society

globeThe Social Justice Society has been established by the School of Social Work at the University of Missouri to recognize those alumni and friends who have made a substantial commitment of philanthropy in support of the school and to encourage others to assist in this effort.

The School’s mission is to develop and disseminate knowledge that promotes leadership for social and economic justice through educational programs, scholarship and service activities of faculty, administration, staff, and students. Social Justice Society members embrace this mission, gain satisfaction in knowing that their gifts contribute to its advancement and help shape the School of Social Work for today’s social workers, clients and scholars, and for future generations.

Seven levels of sustaining membership are available to donors who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Contribute or pledge one of the amounts below, paid over a period of 10 years or fewer. All prior gifts to the School of Social Work and company matching gifts count toward membership. Irrevocable trusts qualify as an outright pledge or gift.
  • Provide funding by means of a bequest, life insurance or other type of testamentary gift.
Outright Gifts or Pledges
Member $25,000
Fellow $50,000
Distinguished Fellow $100,000
Very Distinguished Fellow $250,000
Diplomat $500,000
Ambassador $1,000,000

Testamentary Gifts
Member $25,000
Fellow $100,000
Distinguished Fellow $200,000
Very Distinguished Fellow $500,000
Diplomat $1,000,000
Ambassador $2,000,000

Annual membership is offered to donors who contribute gifts of at least $1,000 during any calendar year. Memberships are renewable on January 1. All annual membership contributions count toward sustaining membership requirements.

Social Justice Society gifts are invited for whatever fund or purpose the donor desires, provided the purpose conforms to the School’s mission. Donors may designate their gifts as support for scholarships, fellowships, research funds, faculty enhancement and many other purposes. Also, donors may request that their gifts be placed in a special endowment fund named for the donor or someone they wish to honor. Earnings realized from such funds will be distributed according to the purpose of the endowment. The minimum amount for an endowment is $25,000, payable over five years. An endowment provides support to the School of Social Work in perpetuity and is a lasting legacy for the donor.

Unrestricted gifts are invited to help provide a margin of assistance to the School of Social Work in advancing its mission that would not otherwise be available.

Social Justice Society members have the satisfaction of knowing that they are shaping the School of Social Work for today’s scholars and for future generations.

  • All members receive invitations to special School of Social Work events.
  • Social Justice Society members’ names are recognized in various School and College honor rolls.
  • All members are presented a distinctive gift from the School.
  • An annual event honors Society members.
  • At the Sustaining level and above, members receive dual membership in the Jefferson Club.
  • All Social Justice Society members automatically receive membership in the Vanguard Society.

Dale Fitch, PhD, MSW
Director and Associate Professor
703 Clark Hall
School of Social Work
University of Missouri
Phone: (573) 884-7405