Resources for Researchers

Literature/Background/Data Sources & Awarded Projects

Agency for Healthcare Research and QualityAgency for Healthcare Research and Quality Grants information for patient care programs, quality of life issues and other healthcare concerns. This site is a part of DHHS. The research findings are organized by topic/month, data and survey information, child welfare, minority health, and women’s health. State and local policymakers info for researchers- displays health service research findings in a user-friendly format. CONQUEST- a computerized needs-oriented quality measurement evaluation system for collecting and evaluating clinical performance measures- numerous mental health areas. CAHPS- a kit of survey and report tools for health care assessment. A portal to websites of several multi-agency health initiatives and DHHS activities. A wealth of information (e.g., healthfinder, Office of the Surgeon General). Primarily an information site, you can access grants but they are more easily available other places.

National Agricultural Library logoThis is a source for information on disaster, rural, and agriculture topics. The Rural Information Center is accessible through programs or direct. Besides information, it provides links to CREES (Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service) funding opportunities, USDA, Guidestar, GrantsWeb, the Society of Research Administrators, US state and local gateway, and more.

National Institute of Health logoNIH RePORT Provides reports, data and analyses of NIH research and development activities.

NSF Award Search – Search for current or previous National Science Foundation (NSF) awards. To set a variety of search parameters, choose “Advanced Search” near the top of the page.

Virtual Library logoVirtual Library This is a solid resource for topic information when doing research. For example: Use the virtual library to retrieve a wealth of literature on poverty and social exclusion by selecting society, social sciences, social policy and then the topic.

US Census Bureau logoCensus Bureau 2000 census data retrievable by population, housing, economic, and geographic information.

FedStats logoFedStats The gateway to statistics from over 100 US federal agencies. Great site, good information, easy to use, can generate charts or graphs for grants. Mapstats reports: geography, business, people. You can select display by: US, state, county, congressional district, and/or federal judicial district. Each stat is assigned a ? icon that allows you to access the source of the information. Topic links provide direct access to statistical data by topic (e.g. select agencies statistical and get an alpha listing and direct link to federal agencies with statistical programs, select poverty and get the US census bureau section on poverty). Data access tools allow you to browse statistical data and generate your own tables. Press releases lists government releases by date, agency, and topic from eleven federal administrations and bureaus. Statistical reference shelf contains published collections of statistics available on-line.

Missouri Kids Count book and data – Missouri info on children’s health, education, and economic status

Writing and Grantsmanship Resources