Grant Proposal Submission Process

As soon as you know you MIGHT submit a proposal or take part in someone else’s grant proposal, communicate with the Grant Writer about your plans.

ALL grant proposals will be submitted to the Office of Sponsored Programs Administration (OSPA) by the Grant Writer.

Deadline dates:

  • Grant proposals are due to OSPA FIVE (5) working days prior to the external deadline. The Grant Writer will need TWO (2) additional days to check for compliance with the funder guidelines and finalize the application packet.
  • The final budget and the Proposal Checklist for PeopleSoft Data Entry form must be submitted to the Grant Writer TEN (10) working days prior to the external deadline.
  • If your project involves a subcontract(s), provide the Grant Writer with contact information for the subcontracting institution as soon as possible but not later than 3 weeks prior to the external deadline.

Budgeting issues:

  • Whenever possible, faculty salary/benefits and GRA support (stipend, tuition, insurance) should be requested in the grant budget.
  • All allowable F&A should be charged in the grant budget.

Shared credit should be negotiated when participating in someone else’s grant, particularly when listed as a Co-Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator.
When the budget is final and the Proposal Checklist is submitted to the Grant Writer, the PeopleSoft Proposal Routing Sheet (PSRS) will be generated and electronic approvals will be required from key personnel and their Dept. Chairs and Deans. Notifications will go to the appropriate individuals via email.
It is the responsibility of the PI to check the final proposal prior to submission to OSPA.
The PI will be copied on submissions to OSPA as well as confirmations from OSPA and the funder.
If issues are found with the proposal, the Grant Writer will work to resolve the problems. Sometimes this will require PI input, but other times not.
Inform the Grant Writer when grant awards are received, for reporting and announcement purposes.