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Ways Alumni Can Help

Tell talented students about our program; tell us about these talented students and we will send them information about our program and recruit them to attend MU.
Draft a letter to parents of newly accepted students to welcome them to the department and comment on career opportunities in this field.
Make contact with brand new alums at the Fall BBQ.
Establish a list of alums that would be willing to be contacted by students for networking and career advice.
Give our students advice about finding that first job, preparing their resumes, and interviewing for jobs.
Help students find internship opportunities.
Help us develop more internship opportunities for students.
Provide access for research studies.
Offer field trips of your facilities.
Come back to campus and speak to classes.
Tell university administrators about your experiences in the department.
Help with funding of the newsletter, Mizzou SW (formally Social Work Notes).
Provide advice about the content of the alumni section of the department website.
Serve on SSW alumni board and advisory board.
Help us recruit and participate in alumni activities.
Donate equipment, office supplies, etc.