PhD Degree Requirements

The PhD curriculum consists of a minimum of 51 post-MSW credit hours divided among three distinct but highly interrelated elements designed to complement one another in helping students achieve the competencies expected of a graduate of this program. A core of social work courses provides the foundation in the traditions and knowledge in the profession and exposure to state-of-the-art research and techniques for the 21st century. Electives from the broad spectrum of social and behavioral sciences, available through other MU departments, provide students with the opportunity to design an individualized program of study that capitalizes on their unique interests and talents. A strong regimen of research methodology, theory and policy analysis is designed to prepare students to use both current and emerging methods of scientific inquiry. The policy of the MU Office of Graduate Studies is that students have 5 years to complete their coursework and then 5 years beyond the comprehensive exam in which to complete the dissertation.

Students without a MSW Degree (12 hours)

Students entering the program who do not have an MSW degree are required to take 12 hours of Graduate Social Work coursework while in the program.

Social Work Courses (30 credit hours)

A minimum of 6 hours of statistic courses are required. The coursework may be taken within the School of Social Work or in other departments.

Elective Courses (15 hours)

A minimum of 5 elective courses from social and behavioral sciences is required, one of which must be a research design and methodology course. This regimen is determined in consultation with the advisor and with approval of the committee. The individualized plan of study may concentrate in one discipline or field or may be an interdisciplinary support area, depending on the student’s area of specialization and research emphasis.