MSW/MPH Dual Degree

As a graduate of the MSW/MPH Dual Degree Program, you will earn a Master of Social Work and a Master of Public Health with an emphasis in Health and Promotion. This degree will prepare you for employment as a health policy advocate, health agency administrator or in an integrated behavioral health setting as a care managers, health coach, patient advocate, counselor or team leader.


You must be admitted to both the MSW (on campus, regular standing, full time) and MPH programs before you are accepted as a dual-degree student. You may apply at any time before beginning graduate school or during your first semester. The deadline to apply to either the MPH or MSW program is Oct., 1. Once accepted to both programs, you must complete an Intent to Complete MSW/MPH Dual Degree Form

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Credit Requirements and Curriculum

By completing the dual degree, your length of study is reduced by one academic year (27 credit hours). You are required to complete 78 credit hours in order to earn your degree.


Here is how your courses are broken down:

  • 54 program-specific credits
    • 18 MPH
    • 36 MSW
  • 25 shared credits between both programs

The dual degree takes eight or nine semesters to complete, including summer semesters. Explore our sample plans of study

Credit requirements, shared hours and curriculum focus conform to the requirements of the MU Graduate School, the national accrediting body for graduate education in public health (CEPH) and the national accrediting body for graduate education in social work (CSWE). The capstone and internship will satisfy the requirements of both programs and will focus on the intersection of subject matter between social work and public health.


You are assigned a faculty member with a joint appointment in both the MSW and MPH programs as your advisor. If a joint appointment faculty member is not available, you are assigned one advisor from each program. If you experience difficulties that requires help that your advisor cannot provide, the SSW’s formal student advisory process is followed.

Transfer Credits:

Up to eight transfer credits are allowed. They may be applied to:

  • the MPH or MSW program individually
  • divided between the two programs per your advisor and program director’s decision

Transfer credits may not be applied separately to each program.

Faculty Advisor

Mansoo Yu, PhD
Director of Doctoral Studies, School of Social Work