Criminology/Criminal and Juvenile Justice Minor

Lady Liberty statueThe Criminology/Criminal and Juvenile Justice minor was developed by faculty at the Center for Criminal and Juvenile Justice Priorities (CCJJP) and is available for ALL students, regardless of major. The courses aim to have students develop an understanding of the criminal and juvenile justice system and criminal behaviors through a social justice lens. This lens allows students to recognize the impact of the justice system on vulnerable and marginalized populations and offers a critical reflection of the ways in which evidence-based intervention and sensible social policy can reduce criminal justice involvement. The School of Social Work and Arts and Science will offer experiential learning opportunities to apply skills within criminal and juvenile justice settings, with adviser approval, which will count towards the minor requirements.

A minimum of 18 hours, comprised of the courses below, is required to complete the minor. Students must have a 2.5 minimum GPA to apply for and earn the minor. Note that students must earn a grade of C- or higher in all courses and a maximum of 6 credit hours from transfer institutions may be applied toward the minor.

Course Department Course Number Course Title Semester Course Taught
Social Work 2000 or 2000W Exploration in Social & Economic Justice (same as PEA_ST 2000) (WI) Fall, Spring & Summer 2018 (non WI)
Sociology 3600 Criminology (same as PEA_ST 3600) Fall, Spring

Course Department Course Number Course Title
SOC_WK 1200 Criminal Justice
SOC_WK 4370 Delinquency, Corrections & Social Treatment
SOC_WK 4400 Domestic Violence (same as WGST 4400)
SOC_WK 4410 Law and Social Work Practice
POL_SC 2100 State Government
POL_SC 2200 The Judicial Process
SOCIOL 1650 Social Deviance
SOCIOL 2200 Social Inequalities
WGST 3260 Themes in Gender, Law and Justice
PSYCH 3861 Forensic Psychology
PSYCH 3860 Law & Psychology
PATH_AS 4220 Forensic Pathology and Death Investigation
BL_STU 4303 Race, Class, Gender and U.S. Social Policy
HIST 4415 African Americans and American Justice (same as BL_STU 4415)

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