BSW Courses

Liberal Arts Foundation Courses

The Professional BSW Program is based on a broad liberal arts foundation that covers seven areas.

Prerequisite course for the Professional BSW Program
(Must be completed prior to beginning BSW Core Courses)

Graduation requirement

Professional Courses

Grade must be in the “C” range or better.

English 1000

After completing English 1000, two more courses in the student’s program must be designated “Writing Intensive” by MU. Students accepted into the Professional BSW Program must take SW 2220 Human Behavior and the Social Environment and SW 4951 Research for Social Work I, both designated WI. No additional WI courses are necessary for Social Work students.

Philosophy (1000, 1100 or 1200 are recommended) with grade in the “C” range or better.

Communications 1200

Three additional credit hours of humanities

Humanities include art and music history and appreciation classes, classical studies courses, foreign civilization courses, literature courses in English or other languages, and religious studies courses. Applied art and music performance courses do not count toward the humanities requirement. Students are urged to check for approved courses on the MU General Education Distribution page.

Human Biology (generally Biology 1010) with grade in the “C” range or better.

Lab: at least one of the science courses must have a corresponding lab.

Physical Science or Mathematical Science: a list of approved science courses can be found on the MU General Education Distribution website. SW4310 counts as mathematical science for social work students.

NOTE: One course in Humanities or Biological, Physical or Mathematical Sciences must be at the 2000 level or higher. BSW students who take Biology 1010 (lecture, 3 hrs.), Biology 1020 (lab, 2 hrs.) and Social Work 4310 (Social Statistics, 4 hrs.) will complete the 9-hour science requirement without needing any additional courses.

College Algebra, Math 1100 or a higher level math course with grade in the “C” range or better.

Students with a math ACT score of 28 or above are exempt from College Algebra. Students may elect to take the Proctored ALEKS Exam to receive course credit for Math 1100.

SW 4310 Social Statistics

After completing Math 1110, all students must take an approved statistics course that counts as the Math Reasoning Proficiency Requirement. All BSW students take SW 4310 for MRP.

Economics (Economics 1000, 1014, 1015 or Agribusiness Management 1041, 1042) with a minimum grade in the &C& range

Anthropology (student’s choice) with a minimum grade in the “C” range

Constitution course to meet MO State Law Requirement * with a minimum grade in the “C” range
* Choose a course from History or Political Science: Political Science 1100, 1700, 2100 or History 1100, 1200, 1400, 2210, 2440

History or Political Science elective (student’s choose any course from the department not selected for the Constitution course)

Sociology 1000 with a minimum grade in the “C” range

Psychology 1000 with a minimum grade in the “C” range

Personality Theory (SW 3320 or Psychology 2320)

Social Psychology (Sociology 3310 or Psychology 2310)

Note: The psychology department may restrict non-psychology major enrollment during the first four weeks of registration. Please contact the Psychology department with any questions regarding course registration.

Human Behavior in the Social Environment (SW 2220 – Writing Intensive except in the summer session)

As of Fall 2016, all BSW students must take Social Work 2000 and one other course from the list, below, in order to meet graduation criteria. Courses are selected in conjunction with an advisor, from certain offerings in Anthropology, Black Studies, English, History, Human Development and Family Studies, Peace Studies, Psychology Religious Studies, Social Work, Sociology, Theatre, Women’s and Gender Studies. A list of courses that can count can be found below.

ANTHROPOLOGY 1350, 1300, 2030, 3700



2400, 2180, 3080, 3420, 4420, 4480, 4120, 4181, 4400, 4770, 4840


HISTORY 1410, 1800, 1810, 1830, 1820, 2400, 3200


PSYCHOLOGY 4815, 4825

RELIGIOUS STUDIES 1100, 1500, 2100, 2110, 2220, 2230, 2250, 2400, 2420, 2450, 2620, 2630, 2700, 2900, 2910, 2920, 2930, 2939, 3100, 3200. 3210, 3220, 3230, 3250, 3270, 3280, 3380, 3445, 3540, 3600, 3710, 3740, 3750, 3760, 3800, 3820, 4200, 4750, 7150, 7710, 7720, 7750, 7800, 7810, 8430, 8440, 8500, 8710

SOCIAL WORK 2000 (required starting F16),4360, 4380, 4455

SOCIOLOGY 1360, 2200, 2230, 2210, 2310, 3320, 3450, 4220

4240, 4840


WOMEN & GENDER STUDIES (all but 1001, 2001, 2370, 3450, 3960, 4001, and 4180)

120 credit hours are required to graduate with the BSW degree. In addition to the liberal arts and the 49 hour professional BSW courses (inclusive of SW 2220 and SW 4310), students select electives to fulfill the credit hour requirement. The following social work electives are strongly recommended.

Social Work 1110 – Introduction to the Social Work Major

Social Work 1115 – Social Welfare and Social Work

Please note that no more than four hours may be taken from “skills” courses to count toward the 120 hours. More skill classes may be taken, but will be in excess of the 120 hours. Examples of skills courses are P.E., applied art, music performance, computer skills, self defense, and first aid.

Professional BSW Core Courses (43 hours)

All Professional BSW Core Courses require admission to the program except SW 2220-Human Behavior and the Environment. Professional BSW Core Courses are sequenced over three semesters and must be taken in the proper order. The only variation is the upper division elective in social work which may be taken at any time.

SW 2220 Human Behavior & the Environment (WI) (if not already completed) (3)

SW 4710 Social Justice and Social Policy (3)

SW 4730 Introduction to Social Work Practice (3)

SW 4740 Introduction to Community and Organizational Processes (4)

SW 4750 Interaction Skills Workshop (3)

Social Work Field of Practice elective* (if not already taken; can be taken later if necessary) (3)

SW 4720 Variations in Human Behavior (3)

SW 4310 Social Statistics (if not already completed) (4)

SW 4760 Theory and Practice of Social Group Work (3)

SW 4711 Social Justice and Social Policy II (3)

SW 4951 Research Methods for Social Work I (WI) (3)

SW 4770 Strategies of Direct Practice (WI) (3)

SW 4952 Research Methods for Social Work II (WI) (3)

SW 4970 Senior Professional Seminar (3)

SW 4971 Undergraduate Field Practicum (6)

SW 4330 Addiction Treatment and Prevention

SW 4350 Deaf Culture: A Social Work Perspective

SW 4360 Working with Minority Youth

SW 4370 Delinquency, Corrections & Social Treatment

SW 4380 Social Work Practice with Minorities

SW 4390 Helping Strategies with Children and Adolescents

SW 4395 Death, Grief and Loss

SW 4400 Domestic Violence

SW 4410 Law & Social Work Practice

SW 4430 Latino/a Immigrants and Receiving Communities

SW 4450 Professional Perspectives in Child Welfare Services of the 21st Century

SW 4480 Helping Strategies with Older Adults

In accordance with CSWE accreditation standards, the SSW does not grant Social Work course credit for life or work experience at the BSW level.

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