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The MU School of Social Work prepares students to help people participate more fully in relationships, work and community life. Our graduates help others maintain hope and seek solutions during difficult times, and they are advocates for social and economic justice.

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The Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) Program is a professional program that prepares students for either direct human service professional positions or graduate programs.

Graduates of this program can choose from a wide range of career choices and pathways. BSW-level social workers assist individuals, families, small groups, organizations and communities to resolve problems, deal with relationships and function within their environment.

Program Structure

Students are admitted to the BSW program as pre-professional students who have declared social work as their major. Students start by taking liberal arts prerequisite courses.

Once students complete prerequisite courses, they apply for admission to the Professional BSW Program, which includes BSW core courses, electives and a practicum experience.

Undergraduate Field Practicum

Through their practicum, undergraduate students get experience at a local agency related to their area of study.

During the six-credit-hour (400 clock hours) course, students spend 24 hours per week (usually Monday, Wednesday and Friday) in a field placement agency assigned by the director of field education. Students spend the other two days on campus.

Students typically complete the practicum during the third (fall) semester of the Professional BSW Program.

See the Field Instruction Manual for additional information.


If you have questions, please contact:

Tammy Freelin, MSW, LCSW
Student Services Coordinator
722 Clark Hall
Columbia, MO 65211-4470
Phone: (573) 882-1656
BSW Program Director
Christine Woods, MSW, LCSW