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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Social Work Job Listings

Most employers are reputable and reliable, but the School of Social Work is not in a position to guarantee the professional standing of individual agencies, companies or other employers posting position notices. Applicants should research potential employers as part of the job search process.

Employers: if you would like us to post your opening, send it to:

Missouri State Job Opportunities can be viewed at This site provides information concerning Merit registers that are open for current, future, and ongoing job opportunities within the agencies that comprise the Missouri Merit System. State Employment Information for Job Applicants can be viewed and accessed at:

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Preferred Family Healthcare has openings in the following positions. Please visit to learn more and apply.

Location Department Job Title FTPT Posted On
Batesville, AR Health Resources of AR Mental Health Paraprofessional RFT 10/11/2016
Batesville, AR Health Resources of AR Mental Health Professional RFT 10/11/2016
Bentonville, AR Dayspring of AR Administrative Assistant RFT 10/18/2016
Bolivar, MO Community Services Primary Support Staff RFT 10/3/2016
Brookfield, MO Adult - Trenton Peer Specialist RPT 4/25/2016
Hannibal, MO CPRC - Hannibal Community Support Specialist RFT 11/13/2015
Hannibal, MO CPRC - Hannibal Community Support Specialist RFT 7/26/2016
Hannibal, MO CPRC - Hannibal CSS Supervisor RFT 7/18/2016
Hannibal, MO- Clarity Healthcare Clarity Healthcare Patient Services Coordinator (PSC) RFT 9/20/2016
Hannibal, MO- Clarity Healthcare Clarity Healthcare Therapist (LCSW) RFT 4/7/2016
Harrisonville, MO Employment Services Chafee Specialist RPT 8/24/2016
Harrisonville, MO Employment Services Job Coach PRN 10/13/2016
Harrisonville, MO Employment Services Job Developer RFT 10/13/2016
Harrisonville, MO Employment Services Youth Specialist RPT 10/17/2016
Heber Springs, AR Health Resources of AR Mental Health Professional RPT 10/18/2016
Iola, KS Kansas-Iola Community Mobilizer RPT 7/11/2016
Jefferson City, MO (Adolescent Residential) Adolescent - Jeff City Behavioral Health Technician RPT 9/2/2015
Jefferson City, MO (Adolescent Residential) Adolescent - Jeff City Counselor RFT 9/8/2016
Jefferson City, MO (Adult Residential) Adult - Jeff City Counselor RFT 9/8/2016
Jefferson City, MO (Adult Residential) Adult - Jeff City Therapist RFT 6/6/2016
Joplin, MO (Adolescent Residential) Adolescent-Joplin Behavioral Health Technician RFT 8/3/2016
Joplin, MO (Adolescent Residential) Adolescent-Joplin Behavioral Health Technician - Overnight RPT 4/27/2016
Joplin, MO (Adolescent Residential) Adolescent-Joplin Behavioral Health Technician (Evenings and Weekends) RPT 8/3/2015
Kansas City, MO (Adolescent Residential) Adolescent - Kansas City Behavioral Health Technician RFT 6/20/2016
Kansas City, MO (Adolescent Residential) Adolescent - Kansas City Residen Coord Assistant RFT 9/7/2016
Kansas City, MO (James A Reed Road) Community Services Day Program Cook/Direct Support Staff RPT 9/13/2016
Kansas City, MO (James A Reed Road) Community Services Day Program Direct Support Staff RPT 9/13/2016
Kansas City, MO (James A Reed Road) Community Services Direct Support Staff RFT 9/13/2016
Kirksville, MO (Jamison Location) Adolescent - Kirksville Associate Counselor RFT 7/20/2016
Kirksville, MO (Jamison Location) Adolescent - Kirksville Behavioral Health Technician RPT 6/16/2016
Kirksville, MO (Jamison Location) Adolescent - Kirksville Counselor RFT 7/6/2016
Kirksville, MO (Jamison Location) Adolescent - Kirksville CSS Supervisor RFT 10/13/2016
Kirksville, MO (Jamison Location) Adolescent - Kirksville Therapist RFT 7/6/2016
Kirksville, MO (Jamison Location) Adult - Kirksville Associate Counselor RFT 8/11/2016
Kirksville, MO (Jamison Location) Adult - Kirksville Behavioral Health Technician RPT 10/6/2015
Kirksville, MO (Jamison Location) Adult - Kirksville Counselor RFT 9/19/2016
Kirksville, MO (LaHarpe Location) Administration Patient Account Data Spec A RFT 9/7/2016
Kirksville, MO (LaHarpe Location) CPRC - Kirksville Community Support Specialist RFT 9/28/2016
Kirksville, MO (LaHarpe Location) Human Resources Human Resources Intern (Unpaid) INT 9/15/2016
Kirksville, MO (LaHarpe Location) RCF - Kirksville Behavioral Health Technician RFT 9/26/2016
Kirksville, MO (LaHarpe Location) RCF - Kirksville Behavioral Health Technician RPT 8/10/2016
Lamar, AR Dayspring of AR Mental Health Professional RFT 10/13/2016
Lamar, AR Dayspring of AR Mental Health Professional RPT 10/13/2016
Liberty, MO Adolescent - Liberty Behavioral Health Technician RPT 9/7/2016
Liberty, MO Adult - Liberty Community Support Specialist RFT 10/12/2016
Linn Creek, MO Workforce Partnerships WIOA Administrative Assistant RFT 7/29/2016
Melbourne, AR Health Resources of AR Mental Health Paraprofessional RPT 10/14/2016
Morrilton, AR Dayspring of AR Mental Health Professional RPT 10/13/2016
Nevada, MO Employment Services Youth Specialist RPT 10/17/2016
Olathe, KS Kansas-Olathe Counselor RFT 9/28/2016
Quincy, IL Illinois-Quincy Behavioral Health Technician RPT 9/29/2014
Searcy, AR Health Resources of AR Alcohol/Drug Abuse Counselor Trainee RFT 10/12/2016
Site Location Negotiable Volunteer/Intern Internships (Bachelors Level/Undergrad) INT 4/2/2015
Site Location Negotiable Volunteer/Intern Practicum Student/Master Level INT 4/2/2015
Springfield, MO Employment Services Job Coach Supervisor RFT 10/11/2016
St. Charles, MO Adolescent - St. Charles Behavioral Health Technician RPT 3/3/2014
St. Charles, MO Adolescent - St. Charles Clinical Supervisor RFT 10/11/2016
St. Charles, MO St. Charles TOC Community Support Specialist/Associate Counselor RFT 4/13/2016
St. Joseph, MO Adolescent - St. Joseph Behavioral Health Technician RPT 7/15/2016
St. Louis, MO (Broadway St Location) Adult - St. Louis Broadway Behavioral Health Technician RFT 5/9/2016
St. Louis, MO (Broadway St Location) Adult - St. Louis Broadway Disease Management Community Support Specialist RFT 9/7/2016
St. Louis, MO (Delmar) Adolescent- St. Louis Behavioral Health Technician RPT 7/6/2016
St. Louis, MO (Northrup Location) Adolescent- St. Louis Behavioral Health Technician RPT 3/3/2014
St. Louis, MO (Northrup Location) Adolescent- St. Louis Community Support Specialist RFT 5/9/2016
St. Louis, MO (Office Center Location) Adolescent St L County Admissions Specialist RFT 9/22/2016
St. Louis, MO (Office Center Location) Adolescent St L County Behavioral Health Technician (Male) RFT 10/5/2016
Texarkana, AR Dayspring of AR Mental Health Professional (MHP) RFT 8/11/2016
Texarkana, AR Dayspring of AR Transporter RPT 8/2/2016
Trenton, MO Adult - Trenton Admissions Specialist RFT 9/22/2016
Trenton, MO Adult - Trenton Behavioral Health Technician RPT 3/3/2014
Trenton, MO Adult - Trenton Peer Specialist RFT 3/3/2016
Trenton, MO Adult - Trenton Therapist RFT 7/6/2016
Trenton, MO CPRC - Trenton Behavioral Health Case Manager Supervisor RFT 7/5/2016
Trenton, MO CPRC - Trenton Community Support Specialist RFT 10/4/2016
Trenton, MO CPRC - Trenton PSR Specialist RPT 8/2/2016
Troy, MO Adolescent - Lincoln Co Associate Counselor/Alumni Specialist RFT 10/7/2016
Wentzville, MO Adolescent - Wentzville Behavioral Health Technician RPT 9/27/2016
Wentzville, MO Adolescent - Wentzville Community Support Specialist RPT 9/16/2016
Wentzville, MO Adolescent - Wentzville Therapist RFT 9/27/2016
Wentzville, MO Adolescent - Wentzville Therapist RFT 10/3/2016
Wichita, KS (Hillside Location) Kansas-Hillside Batterer Intervention Program Facilitator RFT 9/27/2016
Wichita, KS (Hillside Location) Kansas-Hillside Counselor RFT 8/29/2016
Winfield, KS Adult - Winfield Resid Behavioral Health Technician RPT 10/17/2016
Winfield, KS Adult - Winfield Resid Community Support Specialist RFT 10/17/2016
Winfield, KS Adult - Winfield Resid Counselor RFT 4/4/2016

Family Health Center is seeking an outreach and enrollment specialist. This position reports to the Director of Strategic Initiatives. Duties and responsibilities focus on increasing access to health care services by assisting individuals/families with the application and enrollment process for the new affordable health insurance options available beginning in 2014, or enrollment in MO HealthNet, if applicable.


  • Respond to incoming requests for assistance regarding the application and enrollment process
  • Provide information in a fair, accurate, and impartial manner
  • Stay current with MO HealthNet or health insurance eligibility requirements
  • Work cooperatively with healthcare providers and personnel to carry out goals and objectives of Outreach and Enrollment
  • Provide leadership for the implementation and coordination of O&E activities such as hosting enrollment events, some of which will be scheduled after or before normal business hours, evenings and weekends
  • Develop O&E presentations for community groups and referral sources
  • Attend all required O&E training sessions and related meetings at the federal, state and local level
  • Safeguard data, maintain strict confidentiality of information, and submit required reports
  • Accurately complete the data collection and enrollment process
  • Conduct “inreach” with currently uninsured FHC patients and “outreach” with non-FHC patients in all service areas
  • Develop and maintain a monitoring system and document all contacts including patient/non-patient completed enrollments
  • Develop a network of community partners
  • Provide educational materials regarding insurance options to community partners including health departments, hospitals, urgent care providers, physician’s offices, and human services agencies and collaborate and coordinate outreach efforts with them
  • Develop a referral tracking system
  • Organize work to meet goals, objectives, and deadlines
  • Multi-task and prioritize duties
  • Develop promotional materials at the appropriate literacy level
  • Other duties as assigned by the Director of Strategic Initiatives.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a human services field or equivalent experience
  • Friendly out-going personality which shows compassion and dedication to helping others
  • Ability to work effectively with underserved and diverse populations
  • Experience in planning and implementing projects, coordination of events and setting goals and meeting timelines promptly
  • Ability to comply with all applicable federal and state training requirements related to the development of expertise in eligibility, enrollment, and program specifications
  • Displays a professional appearance
  • Work history which demonstrates tact and patience in dealing with the public
  • Ability to complete required training and certification and state insurance licensure, if required
  • Able to work independently and as part of a team
  • Must be able and willing to travel as needed, have dependable transportation, a valid driver’s license, and proof of automobile insurance
  • Demonstrated well-developed written and oral communication skills.
  • Previous experience in operation of office machinery: Personal Computer, copier, fax machine, postage machine, printers, and other auxiliary computer equipment.
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the general public.
  • Ability to reach, stoop, walk, and lift 75 pounds. Adequate vision.

Apply online

Steppingstone - Every Child's Hope is seeking a case manager to primarily be responsible for coordinating and documentating services, and willingness to support a team approach. Additionally, the individual in this position will be transporting clients to/from appointments in their own vehicle. Requirements include a bachelor’s degree from a four year college or university in a field related to human services. Prefer at least two years of experience working with adolescents and young adults. Must be of good moral character and able to serve as a positive role model for youth. Efficient time management and organizational skills, clean driving record that is insurable through the agency. Must maintain agency required auto insurance levels. Possess good verbal and written communication skills, and computer skills. Ability to pass a criminal background check, drug screen, TB test, and be at least 21 years of age. Experience and knowledge in development of service plans. Experience with case management duties is preferred.

Steppingstone is a program of Every Child’s Hope, providing shelter and care for Kansas City’s youth in need. Steppingstone provides highly individualized transitional and independent living services to at-risk and homeless youth ages 16–21. The Steppingstone program teaches life skills to support self-sufficiency. Steppingstone is a 24/7 program so a variety of shifts are available. Mandatory attendance at agency trainings may take place outside regularly scheduled shift.

Work Hours: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, including on-call responsibilities on a rotating basis. Some appointments may be outside the above hours and must be accommodated. Rate of Pay: $32,000 – 34,051 depending on education and experience.

To apply: e-mail resume to (no phone calls please). For more information regarding the Steppingstone program and Every Child’s Hope, visit or

The State of Missouri Second Judicial Circuit Court is seeking a juvenile court cournselor/treatment coordinator. An employee in this position is responsible for developing, implementing and coordinating psychological services. Work includes responsibility for behavioral, developmental or clinical aspects of diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment of juveniles, and may involve technical supervision of professional juvenile court staff. Probationary pay of $41,184 annually and $42,000 annually following successful completion of 6 month probationary employment period. This position is regulated by Missouri State Court classification of Juvenile Court Counselor/Treatment Coordinator, Juvenile Officer III and all applicable state benefits will apply. Master Degree in Counseling, Psychology, Sociology, Social Work or related field required; must possess Missouri professional license. Applications may be picked up and returned to the Bruce Normile Juvenile Justice Center, Kirksville, MO 63501. Applications may also be obtained at Applications should be accompanied by resume and will be accepted until Friday, October 28, 2016 at 5:00pm.

The Wellness Center at Westminster College is seeking a part-time counselor. Under the direct supervision of the executive director and the counselor (full-time) in the Wellness Center, the counselor (part-time) will provide direct mental health services to students, coordinate prevention outreach events on campus, supervise doctoral practicum counselors, and collaborate with other departments on campus. This position is a 9-month position and serves as a vital role in maintaining a healthy campus climate and provides services that directly impact student’s academic engagement and retention. Additionally, this position is responsible for developing and providing multicultural outreach programs to the campus that address healthy behaviors that may impact student success and wellness. The Wellness Center works closely with other departments on campus and therefore is often consulted with by faculty and staff regarding student’s well-being. In addition to counseling and outreach efforts, this position provides individual supervision to practicum students. The Wellness Center serves as a practicum site for doctoral students in clinical and/or counseling psychology. Supervision includes reviewing and approving client documentation, individual meetings, group/case conference consultations. This position is also responsible for on-call after hour counseling/crisis response rotation shared by the Executive Director and Counselor (full-time). This is a very rewarding and challenging full-time position (mid-August to mid-May)


  • Provides individual and group counseling to students who are experiencing personal, family, health, educational or career challenges. Makes appropriate referrals for long-term services as needed and assist with hospitalization/follow-up care upon release. Preferred experience with alcohol/substance abuse and working with survivors of trauma/sexual assault.
  • Prepares required clinical documentation and case reports in a timely manner and in compliance with state statues and guidelines.
  • Coordinate and provide BASICS (Brief Alcohol Screening Information for College Students), which is a two session consultation process that utilizes motivational interviewing techniques to assess students’ attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors related to alcohol and/or other substances.
  • Provide prevention outreach/programming by developing and implementing awareness activities/events related to alcohol/substance abuse, body image/eating disorders, diversity/multicultural awareness, sexual assault prevention, sleep/stress management, and suicide prevention.
  • Assists students and organizations with health/wellness promotions by creating activities, campaigns and media strategies, and providing leadership to individual students and student organizations for campus activities.
  • Support resident advisors and mentors by designing and implementing training activities, assisting the Dean/Associate Dean of Student Life with supervision and consultation.
  • Provide after-hours and weekend on-call consultation and crisis intervention services scheduled by the Executive Director.
  • Provides training and supervision to practicum counselors completing a practicum placement at Westminster College.
  • Participates in weekly group supervision, case conference, staff meetings, and other essential meetings.
  • Provides consultation to and serves a resource to students, faculty, and staff regarding referrals to counseling within the limits of confidentiality.


  • Education: Minimum of master’s degree in counseling, social work or other mental health field.
  • Licensure: Candidate must have state and/or national licensure as a counselor, psychologist or clinical social worker or be under supervision for said license and eligible for licensure within the year.
  • Experience: One to two years of counseling or student development experience in higher education preferred.
  • Skills: short-term, developmental and solution-focused counseling skills; counseling and consulting with individuals and groups; excellent verbal and written communication skills; creating, planning and implementing innovative prevention and education programs; ability to maintain professional and confidential demeanor in a busy and dynamic office environment; time management skills; ability to work well with a variety of staff with different work styles; intervening in individual, group or campus crises situations; proven track record establishing and maintaining positive and effective work relationships professional and clinically.

Please apply online and submit a cover letter, resume/curriculum vitae and contact information for three professional references to or

Capital Regional Medical Center is seeking a manager of case management to create optimal outcomes for the patient and family by managing complex psychosocial and economic co-morbidities. Through advanced practice skills, mobilizes resources to reduce risk, and serves as ambassador between hospital and community.


  • Patients requiring social work intervention will be provided a comprehensive assessment. Assesses patient’s and family’s psychosocial risk factors and transitional/discharge needs through evaluation of prior functioning levels, appropriateness and adequacy of support systems, reaction to illness, and ability to cope. Determine willingness, ability, and availability of care for the hospitalized patient upon discharge. Documents and collaborates with Case Manager, physician and multidisciplinary team regarding findings. Patients requiring social work intervention are identified by independent case-finding or receiving referrals from the case management team, physician, multi-disciplinary team or patient/family request.
  • Intervenes with patients and families regarding emotional, social, and financial consequences of illness and/or disability; accesses and mobilizes family/community resources to meet identified needs.
  • Provides intervention in child abuse/neglect, domestic violence, guardianship (temporary/permanent), foster care, adoption, mental health placement/commitments, advance directives, adult/elderly abuse, child protection and sexual assault.
  • Identifies the need for and facilitates/conducts family meetings regarding treatment decisions and end of life issues.
  • Collaborates with Case Manager and multidisciplinary team to assist in developing, coordinating and arranging safe and timely discharge Plan A and B. Helps develop plan that complies with regulations and laws regarding patient and family wishes.
  • Serves as the lead in: obtaining charity and financial resources, psychiatric referrals, and competency determinations.
  • Completes all documentation of assessments, plan and interventions following Case Management Standards of Care / documentation policies and guidelines.
  • Co-leads Multi-disciplinary Rounds with the Case Manager and participates in Outlier Rounds with Physician Advisor as needed.
  • Leads or co-leads a standing support/education group for an at-risk population as determined by hospital and community need.
  • Works with people and agencies in the community to improve responsiveness, capabilities, alignment and evaluation of services to patients and families.
  • Actively participates in clinical performance improvement activities as assigned.
  • 12. Completes whatever paperwork is necessary to facilitate patients’ transition through levels of care. 13. Provides weekend, holiday and on call coverage on rotating bases as determined by hospital need.

Apply online

The Integrated Behavioral Health Clinic is looking for bright, energetic students to fill a variety of positions. Both BSW and MSW students are encouraged to apply.

Clinician: MSW Opportunity

  • Individual counseling
  • Case management
  • Crisis intervention
  • Comprehensive
  • Assessments
  • Treatment planning

Clinic Assistant: BSW Opportunity

  • Front desk duties
  • Research opportunities
  • Assisting in clinic
  • Schedule and initial intakes
  • Assisting in community outreach

Please submit resume by November 4th to Please include desired position.

Boys and Girls Club of Columbia is seeking a full-time behavior counselor for a growing non-profit after school and summer community based agency. The agency also includes a mental health component for the participants identified as needing therapeutic services. This position provides leadership for the clinical components of the program and supervises the work of the clinical team made up of professionals and interns. This position functions as a part of the leadership team across the agency. The position is benefits eligible under the agency’s employee benefits plan. The job requires a Master's degree in social work and a minimum of three years of experience providing clinical interventions for youth.


  • Complete intake/screening/assessment process within appropriate time frames as designated by agency standards.
  • Develop treatment plans for clients in accordance with agency guidelines that demonstrate individualization and evolution based on information gathered from assessment.
  • Complete all correspondence in a timely fashion.
  • Participate in clinical staffing/treatment meetings providing feedback on all pertinent cases.
  • Adhere to weekly direct service model.
  • Document all services provided in accordance with the grant and agency standards. Ensure that services are entered within appropriate time frame, client documentation format used by agency and linked with behavior plan.
  • Correct any file/charting deficiencies within appropriate time frame.
  • Assist consumers through transition process and complete final correspondence such as transition summary, plan, letter, etc.
  • Complete all mandatory trainings and trainings, obtaining 30 hours of training every 2 years with focus on EBP, improved clinical skill sets, and including the required 3 hours of ethics training every 2 years.
  • Represent the agency within the community in a professional manner.
  • Maintain positive, professional relationships with referral sources, clients and families, and coworkers, adhering to Code of Ethics and agency policies.
  • Handle crisis situations as they arise.
  • Assist in Professional Supervision once all professional requirements have been met.
  • Facilitate group counseling, group education, family conferences, and individual sessions.
  • Provide training on clinical issues and evidenced based practices for all staff.
  • Provide Clinical Consultation when necessary.
  • Support school-based clinical practicum placement, training, and supervision of multiple undergraduate and graduate students on a regular basis.
  • Demonstrates interest in long term and short term goals and objectives of the company.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Clinical Supervisor, Program Director, Operations Director, or the Executive Team.
  • Oversee all clinical programmatic issues including all quality compliance; policy development and implementation procedures; client, family, or staff complaints; orientations; and program development.
  • Complete all grant required evaluations and data collection and utilize the information for programmatic improvement.


  • Masters’ degree in Social Work
  • Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)
  • Experience working with youth with varying mental illnesses, specifically behavioral difficulties, family stressors, grief and loss, academic difficulties, etc.
  • Advanced knowledge of evidence-based treatment practices, programming, and methods required.
  • Experience in a leadership and program development preferred.
  • Employment is conditional upon the receipt and verification of multiple appropriate background checks.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

  • Ability to intervene appropriately in crisis prevention and de-escalation when necessary.
  • Very familiar with current EBP for responding to a multitude of issues impacting youth such as family stressors; grief and loss; mental illness and behavioral issues; and academic concerns.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and persuasively orally, in writing and on both an interpersonal and group level.
  • Knowledge and ability to facilitate groups.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with people from differing backgrounds and cultures.
  • Ability to be flexible in meeting scheduling needs.
  • Ability to maintain confidentiality of client information and appropriate boundaries.
  • Familiarity with Microsoft Office suite, particularly Microsoft Outlook, and HMIS.
  • Employment is conditional upon the receipt of appropriate background checks.
  • Candidate must be highly skilled in problem solving
  • A working understanding of social work foundational and advanced terminology and practice.

Salary: $30,000 - $50,000, benefits

Apply to: Deronne Wilson, Operations Director,

City Union Mission Family Center is seeking volunteers/interns for their week long City Union Mission in the Ozarks (CUMCITO) camp in Warsaw, MO. This camp provide a Christ-centered atmosphere to foster growth and present the opportunity for a changed life for underprivileged/low-income children. Campers get to come for a week and get to experience a deepening of personal faith, healthy lifestyle, unique camp experiences (camping, canoeing, lake trampoline, etc), and loving, healthy relationships. This week long volunteer/intern position includes room and board, most meals, and a bi-weekly stipend) - both at camp and in Kansas City (Rescue Ministry Internships and City Camp Internships), as well as day long volunteers to help in Kansas City, to conduct health screenings, camper returns and camper send offs during the summer

To apply, contact Saundra Weigel-Blount at (816) 329-1432 or

The University of Missouri Healthcare is seeking full and part-time social workers to provide social evaluation, treatment, resource referral and discharge planning to patients and their relatives.


  • Interview patients and families for social information relevant to treatment and health care planning and compile comprehensive social evaluations.
  • Counsel, plan and implement discharge and post-hospital care with patients and families.
  • Refer patients and families to community, state and federal agencies and resources and provide coordinative services.
  • Counsel patients and families for adjustment to illness/disability and for personal and family problems related to health/illness in routine and complex situations.
  • Assess needs and locate community resources for patients and families in need of concrete services such as transportation, lodging and food.
  • Assist patients and families with problems which require intervention within the hospital and community.
  • Document social services provided appropriately and in accordance with department and hospital policy.
  • Maintain department statistical records.
  • Consult and collaborate with health care providers and other staff regarding patient care, problems and discharge planning.
  • Participate in department and hospital committees as assigned.

Qualifications: Requires a Master’s degree in social work from a college or university accredited by the national Council of Social Work Education.

Salary: $43,555 - $65,500 ($20.94 - $31.49)


New Horizons Community Support Services, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation certified by the Missouri Department of Mental Health and accredited by CARF. Funding sources include the Department of Mental Health, MO Healthnet, Medicare, and various grants. New Horizons assists adults with disabling mental illnesses as well as adults with co-occurring substance use disorders by offering an array of services including Healthcare Home, Community Support, Medication Services, Crisis Intervention & Resolution, Counseling Services, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, and Residential Services. New Horizons serves approximately 500 consumers. Job openings are posted for the following positions:

  • Health Care Home Director: Jefferson City, MO & Columbia, MO
    Immediate fulltime opening for a Registered Nurse to be a HEALTHCARE HOME DIRECTOR for New Horizons in Jefferson City and Columbia MO. Time is shared between the two locations. This position oversees implementation and coordination of Healthcare Home activities (Patient Centered Health/Medical Home), wellness promotion/training and supervises Nurse Care Managers and a Support Staff. Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm with full benefits including medical insurance, paid holidays, paid leave and a 403(b) retirement plan. Position requires a license as a Registered Nurse. Experience in outpatient mental health and supervisory experience preferred. Submit resume along with application to, or at New Horizons; 2013 William Street, MO 65109. Submit to office or fax to 573-636-5019. EOE.
  • PATH Supervisor: Columbia, MO
    Immediate full time opening for a PATH Supervisor. Duties include: Supervise a Homeless Outreach Specialist who provides outreach, primary engagement, and case management for persons who are homeless and mentally ill. Provide community outreach and education such as informing other social service providers of the PATH program. Provide clinical expertise as it relates to case management and crisis intervention with PATH consumers. Coordinate agency referrals including maintaining a system to screen consumers for eligibility, gather, supporting documentation, and refer to the CPR Program or other appropriate programs or agencies. Work Hours: Full-time days Monday-Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm along with being on call for crisis intervention. Full benefits including medical insurance, paid holidays, paid sick & vacation leave, and a 403(b) retirement plan. Qualifications: Master’s degree in human services field. Skills and experience in supervision and community relations. A positive and caring attitude is essential. Must meet Missouri Department of Mental Health definition of “Qualified Mental Health Professional”, which requires clinical licensure, or a Master’s degree with completion of a graduate school practicum or one year of experience under supervision of a mental health professional. Submit resume along with application to, or at New Horizons; 1408 Hathman Place; Columbia, MO 65201. Mail to office or fax to 573-636-5019. EOE.
  • ITCD Specialist/Therapist: Jefferson City, MO
    We have an immediate opening for an Integrated Treatment for Co-Occuring Disorders Specialist/Therapist to provide group and/or individual therapy for consumers struggling with co-occurring disorders. Will be a part of the on-call rotation.Qualifications: Master’s degree with experience in the human services field preferred. Professional licensure as a Social Worker, Psychologist or Counselor or meet Missouri Department of Mental Health definition of “Qualified Mental Health Professional” and complete required trainings and / or hold Missouri certification as a Substance Abuse Counselor. Job duties included but not limited to: Develop and implement co-ocurring disorder psychoeducation classes and interventions. Provide clinical expertise and consultation as it related to co-occuring disorders, including assistance with developing individual treatment goals and objectives for consumers enrolled in ITCD services. Review, choose, and post a variety of ongoing educational and treatment resources related to co-ocurring disorders. Implement, monitor and abide by company policy. Know and implement all applicable licensure requirements. Submit resume along with application to, or at New Horizons; 2013 William Street, MO 65109. Submit to office or fax to 573-636-5019. EOE.
  • Residential Supervisor: Jefferson City, MO
    We have an immediate opening for a Residential Supervisor to provide supervision and leadership for the residential facility, Melody House, which provides services to those with serious mental illness and/or developmental disabilities. Will be a part of the residential on-call rotation. Must obtain current CPR, First Aid, and Level One Med Aide certification. Will train. Full-time days with full benefits including medical insurance, paid holidays, paid leave, and a 403(b) retirement plan. Qualifications: Masters with experience in the mental health field preferred. Degree must be in social work, psychology, human services, or related fields. Job duties included but not limited to: Provide oversight, caring atmosphere, clinical leadership and training to residential staff. Participate in referral and placement of consumers. Complete consumer intake, treatment, termination, and funding arrangements. Implement, monitor, and abide by company policy. Know and implement all applicable licensure requirements. Submit resume along with application to, or at New Horizons; 2013 William Street, MO 65109. Submit to office or fax to 573-636-5019. EOE.
  • Van Driver/PSR Specialist: Columbia, MO
    Position Overview: New Horizons is looking for a part-time Van Driver/Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialist in our Columbia, MO site. Duties include driving a passenger van to bring consumers to and from the Psychosocial Rehabilitation Center (day program) for adults with mental illness. Additionally, this staff will lead educational, recreational and vocational activities at the center, on an as-needed basis. Work Hours: Part-time days Monday-Friday, approximately 20 hours/week between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm on a split shift. Qualifications: This position requires a compassionate positive person with a high school diploma or equivalent, clean driving record, and ability to obtain a chauffer’s license. Submit resume along with application to, or at New Horizons; 2013 William Street, MO 65109. Submit to office or fax to Christina Hudson, HR Specialist at 573-636-5019. EOE.
  • Certified PEER Specialist: Jefferson City, MO
  • Immediate opening for a CERTIFIED Missouri Peer Specialist to provide peer support services to adults with serious mental illness in a community setting. Full-time days with full benefits including medical insurance, paid holidays, paid leave, and a 403(b) retirement plan. Part-time employment will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Must have good communication skills to assist consumers with interpersonal and independent living skills. This position will promote skills for managing symptoms and be part of a treatment team. Preferred candidate must carry a diagnosis for mental illness and be in their own recovery. Must have a High School Diploma or GED and be a Certified Missouri Peer Specialist. Please see information regarding certification on the Department of Mental Health website. Must also have a valid driver’s license and a favorable driving record. Submit resume along with application to, or at New Horizons; 2013 William Street, MO 65109. Submit to office or fax to 573-636-5019. EOE.
  • Residential Support Specialist- Various Shifts: Jefferson City & Columbia, MO
    $9.50-$11.00 starting hourly wage, depending upon experience and qualifications. Shifts include: Full-time: 2p- 10p, rotating weekends, sleep position: Sunday- Thursday, 10p-7a, Overnight 11p-7a, and part-time, 4p-10p, Friday-Monday 2p-3p and Saturday-Sunday 7a-3p. Our agency is seeking caring individuals to provide quality services to persons with mental illness within a residential setting. Minimum education level: high school/GED. Full-time benefits include medical insurance, paid holidays, paid leave, and a 403(b) retirement plan. Training for CPR, First Aid and Level One Medication Aide provided. Submit resume along with application to, or at New Horizons; 2013 William Street, MO 65109. Submit to office or fax to 573-636-5019. EOE.
  • Administrative Specialist: Columbia, MO
    We have an immediate opening for a full-time Administrative Specialist who is interested in being part of our team as we provide quality customer service to individuals with severe mental illnesses. Work Hours: Full-time days with full benefits including medical insurance, dental insurance, paid holidays, paid leave, and a 403(b) retirement plan. Duties include: various receptionist/secretarial duties, including answering multi-line phones, managing consumer records in an electronic medical record system, and scheduling appointments with clinical staff; Notary Public Services as needed; and other duties assigned by the Program Director. Qualifications: High school graduate or equivalent. Experience in medical office desired, but will train. Must have a pleasant and patient demeanor, customer service skills, proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, the ability to multi-task, and an interest in working in the mental health field. Submit resume along with application to, or at New Horizons; 1408 Hathman Place; Columbia, MO 65201. Mail to office or fax to 573-875-2557. EOE.
  • Community Support Specialist: Columbia, MO
    $26,000-$31,700 starting salary, depending on experience and qualifications. Immediate full time opening to provide case management and rehabilitation services to adults with serious mental illness. Challenging work with a variety of responsibilities. Bachelor’s degree in psychology or social work preferred; other human services degrees will be considered. Benefits include medical insurance, paid holidays, paid leave, and a 403(b) retirement plan. Submit resume along with application to, or at New Horizons; 1408 Hathman Place; Columbia, MO 65201. Mail to office or fax to 573-875-2557. EOE.

Heart of Missouri Court Appointed Special Advocates (HOMC) is seeking an executive director who will report to the Board of Directors. HOMC is a non-profit organization located in Columbia, Missouri. Its mission is to train and supervise community volunteers to represent the best interests of child victims of abuse and neglect. The CASA volunteers are court appointed to be a voice for these children in Boone and Callaway County courts. This position is ultimately responsible for the overall management and day-to-day operations of the organization.

The ideal candidate will have excellent leadership attributes and interpersonal skills, experience in writing and receiving grants, experience in fundraising, marketing or public relations, a team based management style, a strong work ethic, the ability to develop and achieve short term goals as well as implement our long term vision and strategic plan for the growth and success of the organization.

Experience in running a non-profit organization or public service agency or have served in a managerial position in such organization is required. A Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, business or public administration, law or a related field is preferred. Salary and benefits are commensurate with experience.



  • Research and prepare grant proposals as well as other funding applications; maintain relationships with such resource entities.
  • Develop and maintain a donor base for both monetary and non-monetary resources.
  • Work with Board in any fund-raising events or activities.


  • Manage day-to-day fiscal operations and prepare financial reports and supporting documentation (as required).
  • Submit bills and expenditures to the Board Treasurer in a timely manner for reimbursement and accounting.
  • Assist in developing and implementing an annual budget.


  • Develop, implement, and maintain tracking systems for both volunteer and caseload files.
  • Develop and initiate time-oriented strategic plans and review progress and compare to goals and objectives.
  • Assure compliance with National and State CASA standards.
  • Oversee HOMC compliance with established policies and procedures and prepare required reports.
  • Attend National and State CASA conferences and meetings.


  • Coordinate public relations with the purpose of recruiting volunteers and increasing public awareness of the CASA program and its goals and activities.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with all appropriate groups, agencies, and organizations, and any and all other child advocacy agencies and community service organizations.
  • Approve all written public relations material and oversee release of news releases, and follow-up of any media coverage.
  • Be available for public speaking engagements.


  • Hire, supervise, and prepare annual evaluations for administrative and program staff.
  • Write and revise, as necessary, the job descriptions for staff (except executive director).
  • Staff development.


  • Attend all Board meetings.
  • Oversee implementation of all Board directives, policies, and procedures.
  • Serve as liaison between Board and agency staff.
  • Keep Board apprised of status of operations, changes, and problems.
  • Monitor Board Committee activities and attend Committee meetings.

Apply: All applicants should send a letter of interest, resume and professional references via email to: no later than September 26, 2016. Only candidates contacted for an interview will receive a response. All applicants will be required to undergo a criminal background check prior to any offer of employment.

HALO Jefferson City is seeking a residential supervisor. This positions will focus on the HALO Youth Transitional Living Program (TLP) and community involvement. The details of each of these areas are outlined below:

  • Work closely with Lead Residential Supervisor to coordinate case management for TLP residents
  • Actively engage with TLP residents and their dependents and form trusting relationships with them
  • Encourage/empower TLP residents as they go through the program
  • Be available to assist residents as needed, such as: drive them to school, or Dr. appointments on an as needed basis and assist them with any issues they have with their living space
  • Conduct and organize “Life Skills” workshops to take place once per week
  • Rotate on call nights with the Lead Residential Supervisor
  • The Residential Supervisor will meet weekly with each youth to assess their progress on the programs 7 Focus Areas: Education, Employment, Financial, Parenting/Relationships, Health, Spiritual, and Transportation.
  • When a new resident enters the program, the Residential Supervisors will set up an initial meeting where goals are established in the 7 focus areas.
  • The Supervisor and resident will then meet weekly to strategize how they can begin to accomplish those goals and document progress. The Residential Supervisor will also guide the residents through completing the 3 phases of the program, thus ensuring they are transitioning well through the program.
  • The Residential Supervisor will keep reports on individual progress and enter those reports into youth tracking software on a weekly basis. The Residential Supervisor will meet weekly with the Lead Residential Supervisor and the Branch Director to provide updates n each resident’s progress throughout the program.
  • The Residential Supervisor will ensure that all TLP residents and their dependents are safe and compliant to all policies outlined in the handbook.
  • Be available for emergencies on an as-needed basis
  • The Residential Supervisor will assist in maintaining and enforcing the HALO Disciplinary Point System for all residents
  • Should a resident break any rule(s) or an emergency situation occur the Residential Supervisor will report that to the Lead Residential Supervisor and take the proper steps outlined in the Policy Handbook.
  • Assist with policy creation as needed

Community / Event Involvement

  • Assisting with events and fundraisers
  • Building relationships in the community
  • Engaging in speaking opportunities/presentations
  • Communicating the needs of the HALO Housing clients to our volunteer base
  • Planning special events or opportunities for youth living in the TLP
  • Reporting to Lead Residential Supervisor weekly- following the Strategic Plan outlined for the Jefferson City branch
  • Assist with Donor Relations and implementation of fundraising initiatives
  • Assisting with Future Planning and Program Development as needed


The Residential Supervisor will be committed to HALO’s mission and will be required to live on site full time at HALO Home-JC (3519 Bennett Lane) in a fully furnished apartment/Suite. Rent and utilities fully paid with free on-site laundry. This is a full time salaried position.

  • Must have obtained a minimum of an undergraduate degree. Master of Social Work (MSW), background in counseling or case management preferred but not required.
  • Must have impeccable attention to detail
  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to lead and manage projects
  • Critical thinking and creative problem solving skills
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Candidates must have a clean driving record and must pass a background check

Please send resume and cover letter to Crystal Burgan, Jefferson City Director at or call (573) 680-4058 with questions. For more information about HALO visit

Housing Authority of the City of Columbia, Missouri is seeking a resident services coordinator. This is a managerial level position with primary responsibility for linking Columbia Housing Authority residents with supportive health and human services provided by public agencies or private practitioners within the general community and assisting with the administration of grants and special programs. This position will also share responsibility for assisting Resident Associations, the Resident Advisory Board, the Annie Fisher Food Pantry, and for coordinating community and volunteer services.

Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in social work, education, family and child development, counseling, psychology, or related field; experience working with a diverse population, families, young children, the elderly and persons with disabilities. Prefer a minimum of two years’ experience in social services with demonstrable computer skills; bondable and insurable; possess a valid Missouri driver’s license (prefer Class E or higher); willing to travel overnight for training or attendance at conferences / workshops as directed; able to work evenings and weekends; able to obtain and maintain a bank account for the purpose of receiving direct deposit of payroll; able to pass a pre-employment drug screen and background check.

If you are interested in applying for this open position please complete the application (DOC) and submit with your resume. If you know anyone who would be a great addition to our team, please forward this email or direct them to our website to apply. Completed applications with resumes must be submitted by close of business on Friday, September 23 at 5:00pm.

True North of Columbia is seeking a part-time residential coordinator (20 hours/week, mostly daytime hours) to provide therapy to residential clients (those residing in the emergency shelter or transitional living programs) who are survivors of intimate partner violence and are experiencing the effects of the victimization.


  • Must be licensed (may be provisionally licensed but must provide OWN supervision) to provide counseling in the State of Missouri
  • Familiar with counseling research and techniques in the provision of therapy for trauma
  • Experience with working with victims of intimate partner violence or sexual assault preferred
  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Ability to operate within a wide range of personalities and backgrounds
  • Excellent communication skills and high emotional intelligence abilities
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Master degree in Social Work, Clinical Psychology or applicable field required

To apply:

About True North:

True North is Boone County’s intimate partner violence and sexual assault victim services program. The Agency provides a safe, emergency shelter offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to victims of intimate partner violence who are fleeing abusive situations, and also provides a variety of advocacy services, individual counseling, and support groups for victims regardless of whether they are residing in the shelter or not. True North is also committed to social change, working to reduce incidents of intimate and sexual violence in our community and reducing the tolerance for these crimes through the provision of violence education and awareness activities. For more information, visit our website at:

The Alzheimer's Association is seeking a client services manager manage a volunteer and student-powered helpline which provides clinical support to individuals with memory loss, their care partners and the professional community. The position goal is to significantly scale up the Chapter’s ability to serve persons affected by Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders to achieve growth outlined in the strategic plan. Measureable outcomes are growth of client services delivery, engagement of volunteers in service delivery and quality client interactions.


Program Management & Quality (60%)

  • Increase client contacts by 15 percent in 3 years with special attention to increasing participation among populations that typically have low involvement.
    • In partnership with the National Contact Center, deliver high-quality phone-based clinical support to clients with memory loss, their care partners and the professional community.
    • Support 20+ volunteers and student interns to deliver timely, relevant and high-quality information and support to clients (including Helpline, Let’s Talk, Respite, Care Consultation, and Dementia Mentor clients). Oversee training, ongoing education and supervision of these volunteers and students.
    • Develop and implement a plan to assure timely delivery of high-quality follow-up to chapter referrals, particularly newly diagnosed individuals and connect them to Care Consultation.
    • Oversee chapter resource center and local community resource information; provide feedback to assure high quality online resource.
  • Assure high quality program delivery (at least 90% satisfied).
    • Regularly measure volunteer satisfaction, engagement and quality service delivery; conduct annual volunteer performance reviews.
    • Conduct client program evaluation and monitor ongoing quality assurance.
    • Provide training and clinical case reviews for skill development and performance improvement.

Clinical Interventions (30%)

  • Provide short-term consultations by phone, email or in person as requested to assist Alzheimer’s families in understanding dementia, planning for future care needs, ability to cope; link clients to appropriate chapter and community resources.
  • Serve as back-up to Care Consultants for scheduled and unscheduled in-person client meetings at Chapter office.

General chapter responsibilities (10%)

  • Assure compliance with Core Services Quality Evaluation Initiative for 24/7 Helpline; review data to identify areas for improvement and gaps in service delivery.
  • Cultivate and recruit supporters for chapter fundraising events like Walk to End Alzheimer's and Longest Day. Generate leads for Development team.
  • Maintain monthly reports, service statistics and grant-related paperwork.
  • Attend chapter meetings and special events as scheduled.


  • Must have a Master’s in Social Work (MSW is required to supervise social work interns)
  • Clinical experience: 2+ years experience providing care consultation or case management; dementia care experience preferred
  • Experience in volunteer training and management preferred
  • Demonstrated history of clinical services delivery, quality program evaluation.
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications (especially Word & Excel) and Google; proficiency with constituent database preferred.
  • Ability to carry up to 25 lbs of equipment & supplies

Working Conditions:

  • Office located at chapter office; services provided throughout 38-county chapter area
  • Position operates in a flexible work environment which requires some travel by car throughout 38 county area and flexibility to work evenings and weekends to meet community needs
  • Position utilizes desktop or laptop computer, LCD projectors and cell phone

To apply: e-mail resume and cover letter to

The Health Care Collaborative of Rural Missouri is seeking a youth mental health first aid AmeriCorp instructor to serve as Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) instructors, certified to teach the 8-hour Youth MHFA-USA course to members of the public. Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) is a public education program which introduces participants to the unique risk factors and warning signs of mental health problems in adolescents, builds understanding of the importance of early intervention, and teaches individuals how to help a youth in crisis or experiencing a mental health or substance use challenge.


  • Participate in five day Youth MHFA Instructor Course (September 26-30, 2016)
  • Disseminate Youth MHFA in communities through organizations such as schools, law enforcement, foster care agencies
  • Outreach to local community for course participants, as well as recruit and engage community partners
  • Market program through press releases, social media and informational sessions
  • Track each participant certified through follow up evaluations
  • Submit these evaluations as directed to MHFA-USA nationally and Health360
  • Enroll in the MHFA-USA Listserve
  • List courses on the National Public “Mental Health First Aid In Your Community” Map: Advertise courses and let the public know you are authorized to provide the program.
  • Establish and foster relationships with community mental health agencies as partners and resources
  • Serve as a resource to MHFA course participants on an ongoing basis
  • Respect the privacy of course participants, colleagues and others, including the responsibility to protect personal information
  • Advocate for MHFA by promoting the principles whenever possible
  • Grant writing to support MHFA Corps activities
  • Participate in AmeriCorps large service project
  • Participate in monthly calls held nationally by Health360
  • Assist host site with ongoing community initiatives and regional events


  • Bachelor Degree required
  • Personal and/or professional knowledge of mental health topics
  • Strong teaching and/or training skills and experience, especially with adult learners
  • Understanding of mental health issues and resources
  • Skills and experience facilitating diverse groups and creating/maintaining a positive, effective learning environment
  • Knowledge about mental health resources in her/his community and state
  • Positive attitudes towards individuals with mental illnesses
  • Enthusiasm for reducing the stigma and discrimination associated with mental illness and addiction disorders

Details and Benefits include:

  • Complete a 10 month commitment, specific dates will be determined by the host site coordinator
  • Full-time AmeriCorps position - 1700 service hours – 40 hours per week, 5 holidays, 2.5 personal days
  • AmeriCorps members receive a $12,530 stipend for their service – paid biweekly = 22 checks
  • $5,775 Education Award upon completion of service commitment (1700 service hours)

Please send resume to: Stephanie Taylor, AHEC Director – 816-617-2353.

Arthur Center has openings in the following positions:

  • Psychosocial Rehabilitation Worker II - Arthur Center is seeking applicants for a psychosocial worker to provide direct supervision and support for persons participating in our Wellness Connections program. This includes facilitating group educational, social and leisure activities and documenting progress in an electronic health record. Workers provide transportation as part of the program, so a good driving record is required. Good listening, observational and communication skills are necessary. A basic knowledge of mental illness, intellectual disabilities, and addictions is also required. Knowledge of Illness Management and Recovery and Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment is a plus. The position requires a bachelor degree in a human services field. This is a full-time, benefit eligible position. EOE. Apply today at
  • Community Support Specialists - Arthur Center is seeking community support specialists to work in both our Fulton and Mexico location providing support services to adults recovering from mental illness. The successful candidate will have a Bachelor or Master degree in a human services field, experience working with persons with disabilities from a person-centered approach and a familiarity with co-occurring disorders. Must have excellent verbal skills, a good driving record, and reliable transportation. Experience with electronic health records is preferred. This is a full-time, benefit- eligible position. Salary is commensurate with education and experience. EOE. Apply today at