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College of Human Environmental Sciences

People at the School of Social Work

SSW faculty group photo

2015-2016 Social Work Faculty

Faculty Profiles at a Glance

Andrea AdertonAndrea Aderton, MSW, MSA, Clinical Instructor, NW MO Coordinator
Research Interests: Social services and mental health services to children and families; rural social work; enhancing access and outcomes for mental health services and the young adult population.

Rachel BaileyRachel Bailey, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Instructor
Teaching Interests: Interaction skills; group theory; child welfare; field education; direct practice.

Kelli CanadaKelli Canada PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Serious mental illness; clinical social work; older adults; mental health courts; criminal justice system and mental illness.

Suzanne CarySuzanne Cary MSW, Assistant Clinical Professor, Director of Field
Teaching Interests: Field education; bereavement.

Dale FitchDale Fitch PhD, Director & Associate Professor
Research Interests: Child welfare; information systems in human service organizations; systems theory; systemic research methodologies; organizational decision making.

Tammy FeelinTammy L. W. Freelin MSW, LCSW, Clinical Instructor, Student Services Coordinator, Interim BSW Program Director
Research Interests: Parenting education; adolescent development; at-risk youth & prevention; family support services/student support services.

Rebekah FreeseRebekah Freese, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Instructor
Research Interests: Adolescent mood disorders; application of behavioral models to suicidal behaviors; drug abuse and borderline personality disorders; co-occurring disorders; eating disorders in adolescents and rural practice

Colleen GalambosColleen Galambos, PhD, MSW, Professor and Director Graduate Certificate in Gerontological Social Work Program
Research Interests: Gerontechnology; care coordination; transdiciplinary practice; health care practice education; discharge planning; aging in place; long term care

Linda HillemannLinda Hillemann, MSW, LCSW, Clinical Instructor, SE MO Coordinator
Research Interests: Rural practice; distance education; community health assessment.

Hsun-Ta HsuHsun-Ta Hsu, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Health; homelessness; housing; social network; intervention with homeless adults and youth.

Candace IvesonCandace Iveson, MSW, Clinical Instructor
Teaching Interests: Organization & community dynamics; policy; advocacy; field instruction.
Research Interests: Children and families; state and federal policy; public funding of social welfare.

Michael KellyMichael Kelly, PhD, Professor Emeritus
Research Interests: Employee empowerment and involvement; organizational development in social work administration & planning; research & program evaluation; computers in social work.

Alexandria LewisAlexandria Lewis, MSW, EdS, Clinical Instructor
Teaching Interests: Gerontology; hospice & palliative care; dementia care; military & veterans; long-term care; mental health & older adults; grief & bereavement.

Clark PetersClark Peters, PhD, JD, AM, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Child welfare services and organization; adolescent transition to adulthood; engagement of youth in civil society; juvenile justice; juvenile courts, and probation; history of social work; role of theory in social work; advocacy and collaboration with other professionals; restorative justice.

Jane PiesterJane Piester, MSW, LCSW, MEd Clinical Instructor and BSW Field Education Coordinator
Teaching Interests: Field education; school social work, supervision.

Kathleen PrebleKathleen Preble, PhD, MSW Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Human trafficking (labor & sex; adult & juvenile); international and domestic exploitation; sex work; gender-based violence.

Virginia Ramseyer WinterVirginia Ramseyer Winter, PhD, MSW, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Body image; women’s physical, mental, sexual, and reproductive health across the lifespan; social work education.

Erin RobinsonErin Robinson, PhD, MPH, MSW Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Gerontology; HIV/AIDS; health disparities; healthy aging; older adult sexuality.

Marjorie SableMarjorie Sable, DrPH, MSW, MPH, Professor Emerita, Director Emerita
Research Interests: Maternal and child health; adolescent pregnancy, psychosocial barriers to prenatal care and family planning; domestic violence; perinatal substance abuse.

Ninive SanchezNinive Sanchez, PhD, MS, MSW, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Health disparities; health care access and utilization; Latino adolescents and young adults; sociodeterminants of health; social work education.

Carol SnivelyCarol A. Snively, PhD, MSW, MA, Assistant Teaching Professor, MSW Program Director and Off-Campus Program Director
Research Interests: Youth development and community betterment; strengths based community organization; effective helping strategies for sexual minority youth.

Leigh TenkkuLeigh Tenkku Lepper PhD, MPH, Associate Research Professor, Director for Research
Research Interests: Fetal alcohol spectrum disorders; screening brief Intervention referral and treatment; preconception health; mental health of women; social and cultural context of health.

Aaron ThompsonAaron Thompson PhD, MSW, Associate Professor, Associate Director of Missouri Prevention Center
Research Interests: School and community service agency collaborations; school-based interventions for children with social, emotional, and behavioral health concerns; building self-determination for students with educational disabilities; site-based information systems to inform tiered response models.

Sarah TlapekSarah Tlapek, PhD, MSW, MID, Assistant Professor
Research Interests: Intimate partner violence; trauma and mental health in post-conflict settings; interventions for economic and social development.

Christine WoodsChristine Woods MSW, LCSW, Clinical Instructor
Teaching Interests: Family & children practice; crisis intervention; human development; child development; community services coordination; family dynamics & interaction; field instruction.

Dong Pil YoonDong Pil Yoon, PhD, MSW, Associate Professor
Research Interests: Religiousness/spirituality; human diversity; gerontology; rural social work; welfare reform.

ManSoo YuMansoo Yu, PhD, MSW, MA, Associate Professor, Faculty Advisor for the MSW/MPH Dual Program and Director of Doctoral Program
Research Interests: Health-risk behaviors; interactions between mental health and physical health; epidemiologic research; health promotion; adolescent health; health disparities; research with racial/ethnic minority groups, and vulnerable/underserved populations; cross-national research.

Emeriti Faculty

  • Richard Boettcher, Professor Emeritus
  • Judith Burke, Professor Emerita
  • Lee Cary, Professor Emeritus
  • Charles D. Cowger, Professor Emeritus
  • Judith A. Davenport, Professor Emerita
  • Michael J. Kelly, Professor Emeritus
  • Duane Kroeker, Professor Emeritus
  • Joanne Mermelstein, Professor Emerita
  • Dianne Orton, Emerita Teaching Professor
  • Paul Sundet, Professor Emeritus
  • Wilson Watt, Professor Emeritus

Retired Faculty

  • Erma M. Ballenger, Retired
  • Larry Kreuger, Retired