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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Practicing Self-Care and Building Resilience

Welcome students, faculty, staff, and alums to the School of Social Work’s resource page on Practicing Self-Care and Building Resilience.

All semester long the School of Social Work will be providing events, activities, and short video series that promote the importance of developing resilience and practicing self-care.

A Message from the SSW Self Care and Resiliency Committee

As developing professionals, you will likely experience challenges that could impact your academic work. These challenges may include difficult life events, academic stress, transitions, and/or painful emotions related to your personal life. Additionally, many of you may already be working in the field and may find it challenging to practice work-life balance. Social Workers are disproportionately affected by behavioral health symptoms. The School of Social Work is committed to making self-care more explicit in our curriculum. It is essential that each graduating student leave our program with a solid plan and skills for self-care.

Professors Bailey, Preble, Cary, and Easter

Self-Care and Resiliency Week: Sep. 16-20, 2019

Joy Spotting: All week long, the School of Social Work is getting social. Throughout Self-Care and Resiliency Week, post images of what brings you joy on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Inspired by Ingrid Fetell Lee’s work, we know that "joy is all around us, we just have to look for it." Post your images to social media &/or the bulletin board in Clark Hall!

Use hashtags: #sswselfcare #Mizzousocialwork #sswjoyspotting | Reference: Ingrid Fetell Lee

Learn more about the art of joy spotting from Ingrid Fetell Lee.

The Joyspotter's Guide (PDF)     Ted Talk Link

During the Kick Off Event on Monday, September 16th participants will contribute to two special projects.

  • Help create the all school Self-Care Collage (to be featured in the 5th floor student lounge).
  • Share your insights for the all school self-care video series (to be featured on the website).

See complete list of Self-Care and Resiliency Week activities and descriptions.