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College of Human Environmental Sciences

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School of Social Work Annual Spring Forum: 4/3/20 - CANCELLED

Posted: Mar. 9, 2020

The MU School of Social Work will host its Annual Spring Forum and Refresher Course for Licensure Supervisors on Apr. 3, 2020. This year's forum will focus on "Integrated & Coordinated Care for Eating Disorder Interventions."

Jessica Osaze Receives Mizzou 18 Award

Mar. 6, 2020

Congratulations to SSW graduate student, Jessica Osaze for being chosen as a Mizzou 18 award receipient. In the spirit of service, first modeled by the University's founding families in 1839, the Mizzou Alumni Association Student Board presents the Mizzou 18 Award. This award is dedicated to honoring 18 University of Missouri graduate and professional students in the last year of their degree eligibility.

Jessica OsazeJessica Osaze

Area of Study: Social Work
Hometown: Benin City, Nigeria
Activities/Honors: Graduate Research Assistant, Sexual Health Peer Educators President/ Founder, Mizzou 2 Clinician, Integrative Behavioral Health Clinic (IBHC) Mable Rumburg-Meites Social Work Scholar Rintha Mary Carter Social Work Scholar
Mentor: Dr. Kelli Canada

Dr. Yu Receives Funding from the National Research Foundation in South Africa

Posted: Mar. 5, 2020

Mansoo YuCongratulations to Dr. Mansoo Yu who has been collaborating with Dr. Maria Florence at the University of the Western Cape since 2016, and they have recently received a funding from the National Research Foundation in South Africa to conduct a research project, titled “Prenatal Substance Exposure in the Western Cape, South Africa: A Prospective Cohort Study.”  The investigators will collect information about substance use and psychosocial well-being from a longitudinal sample of women who use primary health care clinics in Cape Town in three waves: during pregnancy, 6 months postpartum, and 12 months postpartum. The University of Missouri System South African Education Program and the University of Missouri College of Human Environment Sciences Margaret Mangel Grant supported Dr. Yu’s collaboration with Dr. Florence, and the pilot study.

MU School of Social Work Online Professional Development Courses

Posted: Mar. 5, 2020

The MU School of Social Work is excited to announce we will be offering three 5-week online professional development courses for social work practitioners this Spring and Summer 2020. Practitioners will earn 15 contact hours per course. Courses are FREE and required texts will be provided. Only 15 seats are availble per session. Because seats are limited, please only register if you intend to fully commit to the entire training. Dowload flyer (PDF)


  • Session 1: Suicide Assessment and Intervention
  • Session 2: Motivational Interviewing for Integrated Healthcare
    • June 1st-July 3rd, 2020
    • Registration & course information available in May
  • Session 3: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
    • August 3rd-Sept. 4th, 2020
    • Registration and course information available in July

School of Social Work December Newsletter

SSW Newsletter coverPosted: Oct. 28, 2019

The MU School of Social Work December 2019 newsletter is now available. In this issue we cover Matthew Charles' visit to MU, The Plug Kickoff Event, Self-Care Spirit Week and much more!

Read newsletter (PDF)

$200,000 Urban Institute Grant Supports Corrections Research, Offender Rehabilitation

Posted: Jan. 13, 2020

A $200,000 grant from the Urban Institute and a partnership with the University of Missouri School of Social Work are fueling research aimed at helping the Missouri Department of Corrections invigorate rehabilitation for Missourians involved in the criminal justice system — ultimately elevating public safety. Missouri is one of five states chosen to join the Prison Research and Innovation Network (PRIN), which leverages research, data and evidence in fostering innovations that make prisons safer and more rehabilitative. The designation comes with a $100,000 grant for on-site prison research innovation management; a $100,000 grant to support University of Missouri (MU) research activities; and technical assistance from experts affiliated with the Urban Institute, Arnold Ventures, the network’s advisory board and peer agencies.

MU School of Social Work researchers will lead PRIN research projects focused on effective remediation for long-term behavioral change and rehabilitation, an approach widely supported by a growing body of corrections practitioners and researchers, based on nationwide experience through several decades of policy implementation and practice.

"We are excited to partner with the Department of Corrections in this important work," said team lead Kelli Canada, associate professor of social work and co-founder of the University of Missouri Center for Criminal and Juvenile Justice Priorities. "This collaboration speaks to the land grant mission of the University of Missouri, as our research findings will be put to use to improve lives in communities across the state."

Other University of Missouri researchers involved with the project include Ashley Givens and Clark Peters from MU, Beth Huebner from the University of Missouri-St. Louis and Janet Garcia-Hallett from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Read announcement

Dr. Canada Awarded Richard Wallace Faculty Incentive Grant

Posted: Dec. 9, 2019

Kelli CanadaCongratulations to Dr. Kelli Canada who was recently awarded the Richard Wallace Faculty Incentive Grant for her project entitled "Integrative Behavioral Health Clinic: Tele-mental health services to increase access to care." Also, congratulations to Danielle Easter who is the co-investigator of this project and co-director of the Integrated Behavioral Health Clinic (IBHC), where the project is housed. Dr. Canada is excited about this work and appreciative of the current IBHC clinicians who are assisting with the project next semester – Whitney Baldridge (2nd year, in-person MSW) and Leah Diorio (online MSW student).

Dr. Dannerbeck Janku Featured on NDCRC Podcast

Posted: Dec. 9, 2019

Dr. Dannerbeck Janku, SSW Research Associate, was recently featured on a podcast by the National Drug Court Resource Center (NDCRC) entitled Color in the Court: Exploring Racial and Ethnic Disparities in Treatment Courts – Part One.

Listen to podcast

The Ultimate Call for Social Justice

Nov. 20, 2019

See what our social work researchers are doing to combat human trafficking locally and globally, as Dr. Preble presents how her research supports the U.N.’s Sustainable Development Goals at the UM System Research Summit.

Dr. Preble presenting

presentation panel

Improving Equity and Inclusion in Treatment Courts: A New Tool from NADCP

Posted: Nov. 5, 2019

Recent analyses of treatment courts have identified racial and ethnic disparities in both access and outcomes. NADCP's Equity & Inclusion Equivalent Access Assessment and Toolkit is designed to help treatment courts identify and fill gaps related to achieving inclusion and program participation across diverse groups (Standard II of NADCP's Adult Drug Court Best Practice Standards). Presented by NADCP and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) GAINS Center, this webinar on Nov. 20th at 2:30 pm will provide an overview of the toolkit, and two drug court representatives will discuss how their programs have used the toolkit to make improvements, particularly in the areas of professional decision-making and marketing.


School of Social Work October Newsletter

SSW Newsletter coverPosted: Oct. 28, 2019

The MU School of Social Work October 2019 newsletter is now available. In this issue we cover the VA Mental Health Summit, Annual Fall Conference, Self-Care and Resiliency Week and much more!

Read newsletter (PDF)

Margee Stout Receives Lee Henson Award

Posted: Oct. 2, 2019

Congratulations to the School of Social Work's Margee Stout, Executive Assistant, on receiving the 2019 Lee Henson Award. The Lee Henson Award was created in honor of Mizzou’s former ADA Coordinator, Lee Henson, who died in 2014 after 20 years of service to the university. The Lee Henson Awards honor those who have:

  • Responded above and beyond to a particular disability inclusion or accessibility concern or need on campus;
  • Championed universal design to make Mizzou a more inclusive place for people with disabilities; and/or
  • Demonstrated and modeled a commitment over time to improving the inclusion of people with disabilities or the accessibility of Mizzou’s campus and programs

Read more

Margee Stout

MSW Alumna Serves as Peace Corp Volunteer

Posted: Sep. 24, 2019

Leah Krause, MSW '18, graduate of the MU School of Social Work is currently serving as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Zambia. Leah and her Zambian counterparts have initiated a new project, titled "Kashima Safe Motherhood Maternal Shelter." This project aims to construct a new building for Zambian women to safely give birth and recuperate post-birth. This space is vital as their current maternity clinic can not meet the needs of their entire catchment area, therefore many home births are happening each month - which often put the mother and child at risk. Leah is working very closely with the clinic and community members in order to get this maternal shelter built. They are asking for monetary donations to support the building of this new space. Below is the donation link and detailed information about the project.

Donate & Learn More

Leah Krause in Zambia

Dr. Canada and the IBHC Receive 2019 Faculty Engagement Award

Posted: Sep. 19, 2019

Congratulations to Professor Kelli Canada and the Integrated Behavioral Health Clinic (IBHC) for receiving the 2019 MU Faculty Engagement Award! Professor Canada's work at the IBHC is making a profound impact on the lives of mid-Missourians. The IBHC stands as testament to the School of Social Work and the University of Missouri fulfilling their land grant mission. Congratulations Professor Canada and the faculty and students at the IBHC!

Kelli Canada

Dr. Robinson Invited to Speak at MU School of Medicine Colwill Seminar

Posted: Sep. 6, 2019

Dr. Erin Robinson, Assistant Professor at the MU School of Social Work, has been invited to speak at the MU School of Medicine, Department of Family & Community Medicine's Colwill Seminar on Oct. 9, 2019 from 8:30 - 9:30 am in MA306O, Medical Sciences Building. Dr. Robinson will speak on Exploring Sexual Health and HIV Communication Between Healthcare Providers and Older Patients. If you plan on attending the Colwill Seminar via Zoom, and you would like CME credit, please email

Erin Robinson

Meet Chelsea Hoyer - Master of Social Work

Posted: Aug. 26, 2019

As the first week of the Fall 2019 semester wraps up, we hope all of our social work students are settling into their courses and receiving the support they need to be successful at Mizzou. Learn here how friendship helped MSW Alum '19, Chelsea Hoyer, navigate the online MSW program.

Learn more

Dr. Ramseyer Winter in the News

Posted: Aug. 2, 2019

Ginny Ramseyer WinterDr. Virginia Ramseyer Winter, Assistant Professor at the MU School of Social Work, was recently featured in Psychology Today for her research with colleague Dr. Antoinette Landor, Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Development and Family Science, on why you need to talk about sex with your partner. Their findings suggest that, "in general, women who reported that they were happy in their relationship and comfortable talking about sex were also more likely to have had conversations with their partners about disease and pregnancy prevention, and they were also more likely to take precautions against them. These findings are consistent with other research showing that open discussions about sex lead to more frequent and consistent condom use."

Read full article

3D Technology Might Improve Body Appreciation for Young Women

Posted: Jun. 18, 2019

Ginny Ramseyer WinterNew MU study identified an approach to help individuals appreciate their bodies

Story Contact: Sheena Rice, MU News Bureau

3D technology has transformed movies and medical imaging, and now it might be able to help young women better appreciate their bodies.

Virginia Ramseyer Winter, assistant professor in the School of Social Work and director of the MU Center for Body Image Research and Policy, is a nationally recognized body image expert. In a new study, she found that images from 3D scanners can be used to help young women focus on body appreciation, which might in turn improve mental health.

"3D body image scanning is a relatively new tool in social science research, and the research on using 3D tools for improving body image is scant," Ramseyer Winter said. "We wanted to see if it could provide a way to help young women shift their focus away from appearance and toward function."

In her study, young adult women between the ages of 18 and 25 were scanned in a 3D scanner used by researchers and students in MU’s Department of Textile and Apparel Management. The researchers used modeling software to convert the scans to 3D avatars. Participants then digitally "painted" body parts that they appreciated for various reasons such as their utility or role in their relationships.

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School of Social Work June Newsletter

SSW Newsletter coverPosted: Jun. 13, 2019

The MU School of Social Work June 2019 newsletter is now available. In this issue we cover student activities, faculty accomplishments, funding awards, Spring 2019 graduation, and faculty publications & presentations.

Read newsletter (PDF)

Promotion Announcements

Posted: Jun. 3, 2019

The School of Social Work is delighted to announce that Dr. Carol Snively will be promoted to the rank of Associate Teaching Professor and Professor Suzanne Cary will be promoted to the rank of Associate Clinical Professor effective September 1, 2019. Congratulations Carol and Suzanne!

Carol SnivelyCarol Snively, PhD

Suzanne CarySuzanne Cary, MSW

Mizzou Law Students Discussed Consumer Law during Community Event

Posted: May 20, 2019

How do I improve my credit? Am I protected as a tenant? Can I file for bankruptcy? were some of the questions discussed during the Spring 2019 Consumer Empowerment Event sponsored through the School of Law in partnership with Columbia Love, Inc. The event held at the Community United Methodist in Columbia, Missouri focused on understanding consumer law as a way of empowering the community.

Law Students at the University of Missouri—as part of the Consumer Empowerment seminar—presented their research that ranged from Credit Repair–Jennifer Boston; Bankruptcy Basics–Kenyon Briggs; Veterans as Consumers­–Charlotte Burgess; Fair Debt Collection Practices Act–Margarete Crawford; Online Dispute Resolution­–Sarah Grossman; Landlord/Tenant Laws­–Rachel Mitchell; Missouri Merchandising Practices Act–Jeneal Murphy; Internet Safety–Ayana Shiggs; and, Payday Loans–Sergio Tarin. The presentations can be accessed via the non-profit website Prof. Amy J. Schmitz created at There is also an app available for free download from the Google Play Store.

In addition to the presentations made to the community, students expanded their research into academic essays. Under the guidance of Prof. Amy J. Schmitz (Law) and Prof. Clark M. Peters (Social Work), the collection of essays will be made available through University of Missouri Press in the upcoming months and provide the community a guide to consumer law.

Special thanks to Hannah Rogers (Social Work) for coordinating the event and Michael Castleman (Law) for managing the digital distribution of the presentations.

Dr. Ramseyer Winter Receives Technology Committee Award

Ginny Ramseyer WinterPosted: May 13, 2019

Dr. Ginny Ramseyer Winter and her collaborator, Fang Wang from the College of Engineering, are the recipients of a University of Missouri Information Technology Committee award for their project, Sex Ed VR: Development of a Virtual Reality Sex and Body Image Education Program for SHAPE. Congratulations Ginny!

May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Posted: May 8, 2019

FACE in the News

Posted: Apr. 19, 2019

The Family Access Center of Excellence (FACE) was recently featured in Move Magazine. Dr. Aaron Thompson, in collaboration with Social Work colleague Dr. Clark Peters and colleagues from MU’s College of Education (Drs. Wendy Reinke and Keith Herman) and Department of Psychology (Dr. Kristin Hawley), received a Boone County Children’s Services Board contract to implement the Family Access Center for Excellence (FACE) of Boone County. FACE is a cross-sector (i.e., education, family court, juvenile probation, law enforcement, public health, etc.) community center of excellence to enhance access to high quality social, emotional, and behavioral health services. FACE seeks to achieve this mission by (1) non-conflicted case management, (2) scientifically-based implementation support, and (3) continuous quality improvement and outcomes evaluation.

Read article

Mizzou CSSW Partners with MU Dietetics Program

Posted: Apr. 10, 2018

On April 7, 2018 the Mizzou Council of Student Social Workers (BSW/MSW students, Alumni & Friends) partnered with the MU Dietetics Program to help feed the Veterans at Welcome Home in Columbia, MO.

helping to in kitchen at Welcome Home event

Professors Hsun-Ta Hsu and Ninive Sanchez Receive Mangel Award

Posted: Apr. 1, 2019

Assistant Professors Dr. Hsun-Ta Hsu and Dr. Ninive Sanchez were awarded one of five $3,000 grants by the Margaret W. Mangel Faculty Research Catalyst Fund for their project titled "Supplementing a Mobile Application in an Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Intervention for African American Youth Experiencing Homelessness: A Formative Project." These awards are granted annually to faculty of the College of Human Environmental Sciences as a way to assist with research scholarship/creative activity efforts.

Dr. Hsun-Ta Hsu

Dr. Ninive Sanchez

Eating Breakfast with Parents is Associated with Positive Body Image for Teenagers

Posted: Mar. 22, 2019

Story Contact: Sheena Rice, MU News Bureau

Parents hoping to raise teenagers with positive body image might just find helpful tools in the kitchen every morning. A new study from the University of Missouri says consistently eating breakfast as a family might promote positive body image for children and adolescents.

"We know that developing healthy behaviors in adolescence such as eating breakfast every day and eating family meals can have long-term effects into adulthood," said Virginia Ramseyer Winter, assistant professor in the School of Social Work and director of the MU Center for Body Image Research and Policy. "Children and adolescents are under a lot of pressure from social media and pop culture when it comes to physical appearance. Having a healthy relationship with food from eating breakfast and spending meal time with family might have a significant impact on well-being."

Read full article

SSW Welcomes Lindsay Hickman, Student Support Specialist

Posted: Mar. 19, 2019

Lindsay HickmanThe School of Social Work would like to welcome Lindsay Hickman as our new Student Support Specialist for the BSW program. We are excited to have Lindsay take on this role. Stop by to welcome and say hi to Lindsay in 725 Clark Hall.

Dr. Janku in the News

Posted: Mar. 15, 2019

Anne M. Dannerbeck JankuPlease join us in recognizing Dr. Anne Janku, Associate Research Professor and faculty affiliate in the Center on Criminal and Juvenile Justice Priorities, for being featured in the American University blog, Justice Programs Office in honor of National Social Work month. The blog features Professor Janku's work with treatment courts and builds off her funded work with the National Drug Court Institute shared in her published study, Understanding and Responding to Racial Differences in Drug Court Outcomes. Congratulations Professor Janku!

Read blog

Christine Woods Named New BSW Program Director

Posted: Mar. 12, 2019

Please welcome Professor Christine Woods as the new Director of the BSW Program! This appointment is effective July 1, 2019. We are excited about her appointment and look forward to her service to the School. Also, we'd like to thank Tammy Freelin for her leadership as the BSW Program Director AND Student Services Coordinator. Tammy has decided one job is enough so she will be resuming her singular role as Student Services Coordinator. Congratulations Christine and thank-you Tammy!

Learn more about BSW Program

Dr. Preble Receives Grant from the Missouri Collaborative Against Human Trafficking

Posted: Mar. 4, 2019

Kathleen PrebleDr. Kathleen Preble and her colleague, Professor Andrea Nichols (St. Louis Community College Forest Park), are the recipients of a grant from the Missouri Collaborative Against Human Trafficking to develop a comprehensive statewide resource manual to be utilized by legal and social service agencies to help trafficking victims connect to help; conduct a statewide needs assessment to identify current gaps in services and unmet needs of key players in the fight against human trafficking in Missouri; and develop a strategic plan to address those needs. Congratulations Kathy!

Read press release

MU Awarded $10 Million to Create National Center for Rural School Mental Health

Posted: Feb. 27, 2019

Story by Cailin Riley, MU News Bureau

The U.S. Department of Education has awarded nearly $10 million to the University of Missouri to establish a National Center for Rural School Mental Health. Researchers and staff at the new center will create an online data and training system to support the mental health needs of students in rural schools throughout Missouri, Virginia and Montana.

"Our goal is for this new national center to provide a wealth of information to rural schools across the three states," said Wendy Reinke, a professor in the MU College of Education and the lead investigator on the grant. "Many rural schools are very small and remote, limiting their access to professional development resources, assessments for identifying youth in need of mental health supports and coaching opportunities. This center will create a framework of support for rural educators in need of those tools."

Read full article

Congratulations Dr. Hsun-Ta Hsu

Posted: Feb. 20, 2019

Hsun-Ta HsuCongratulations to Assistant Professor Dr. Hsun-Ta Hsu who has received an award from the Missouri Housing Development Commission to perform a study on case management practices used by shelters across the state in providing services to individuals and families experiencing homelessness. Results from his study will be used in designing and delivering evidence-based case management models.

Criminal Justice Reform, Violence Prevention are Goals of New Center at Mizzou

Posted: Feb. 19, 2019

Story by Sheena Rice, MU News Bureau

Social Work Researchers Establish New Center, Academic Minor to Study Criminal Justice Policies

CCJJP logoAcross the country, families and lawmakers are demanding criminal justice reforms so systems can better serve communities in cost-effective ways. Now, a new center at the University of Missouri will bring together a diverse group of researchers, community stakeholders and students dedicated to criminal justice policy. The newly established Center on Criminal and Juvenile Justice Priorities was founded by Kelli Canada and Clark Peters, Associate Professors in the MU School of Social Work and leading justice scholars. The goal of the center is to bring Mizzou to the forefront of issues of national importance, they said.

Read full article

Dr. Givens Receives Grant for Probation and Parole Officer Training

Ashley GivensPosted: Feb. 6, 2019

Congratulations to Assistant Professor, Dr. Ashley Givens, on receiving a grant from the Missouri Department of Corrections to provide training to probation and parole officers. The training will focus on helping them better understand mental health signs and symptoms, medications related to mental illnesses, the impact of mental illnesses on behavior, appropriate resources in the community, as well as other basic skills and tools to successfully engage probationers with mental health needs. Congratulations Professor Givens!