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Master of Social Work Program

Rebeka Freese instructing MSW class

Rebekah Freese instructing MSW class.

Our CSWE accredited Master of Social Work (MSW) Program prepares graduates for leadership in professional social work practice within the areas of Clinical Practice or Policy, Planning and Administration (PP&A). Our MSW signifies achievement of professional competence in Social Work. The graduate curriculum provides an educational experience that is rigorous, comprehensive and progressive, preparing graduates for a range of advanced career opportunities.

MSW Program Mission Statement

The University of Missouri's MSW Program prepares competent, effective and ethical social work professional leaders for social change. The MSW Program emphasizes a commitment to enhancing human well-being by alleviating social problems, embracing diversity and promoting social and economic justice with systems of all sizes through advanced clinical social work practice and policy planning and administration in human services .

For more information, contact:

MSW Program Contact
Crystal Null
724 Clark Hall
(573) 884-9385

MSW Program Director
Carol Snively

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