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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Financial Literacy for Helping Professionals

Undergraduate Minor Certificate

Individuals who struggle to meet their financial needs may have problems with their credit history or lack of experience with mainstream financial institutions and the language they speak. It is easy for someone who lives in or near poverty to fall prey to unscrupulous lenders, who take advantage of unstable situations. This program will prepare professionals to help clients avoid predatory lending practices, as well as access programs designed to supplement income for the impoverished. Education on available resources, in addition to engaging in dialogue and identifying accessibility with families, will be emphasized.

Hands exchanging money

The School of Social Work, in collaboration with the Department of Personal Financial Planning in the College of Human Environmental Sciences at MU, has developed a minor that will prepare students to work with vulnerable clients who are in need of financial counseling and education.

Coursework includes classes in personal and family finance, financial counseling, tax planning, economics, community agencies, social policy, and exploration in social and economic justice. Successful completion of coursework allows students to sit for the Accredited Financial Counselor Exam.

Course Number Course Title Course Department Semester Course Taught
2183 Personal & Family Finance Personal Financial Planning Fall/Spring/Summer-On-line Format
3282 Financial Counseling Personal Financial Planning Fall/Spring
4188 Community Agencies & Volunteerism, VITA Personal Financial Planning Spring (Course will need to attend workshop in order to certify for IRS compliance)
4750 Interaction Skills for Practice School  of Social Work Fall
2000 or 4710 Exploration in Social & Economic Justice School  of Social Work Fall/Spring
4710 or 2000 Social Justice & Social Policy School  of Social Work Fall/Online Fall,Spring,Summer

A student must be admitted to the University of Missouri with a declared academic major. The student must have an overall GPA requirement of a 2.5 to apply for and earn the minor. The student must have satisfactory completion (as defined by a grade in the C range or above) of:

  • Microeconomics and
  • College Algebra is required.
  • Satisfactory completion (as defined by a grade in the C range or above) of each required list of courses within the minor in order to attain the "Financial Literacy for Helping Professionals" minor.
  • Completion of 15 credit hours as specified in the Minor table above.

This minor is available to students regardless of academic major. The non-academic certificate and training program, include a financial simulation activity and related coursework. Target audiences include practicing professionals who work with clients struggling with financial problems due to lack of education or poor decision-making skills.

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