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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Annual Alumni Awards Recipients

These awards are the highest honor bestowed upon the school's alumni, faculty and students each year by the School of Social Work and its Alumni Organization.

2016 Award Recipients

Eunyoung Jang has brought innovative research ideas to the SSW PhD program. In her dissertation work, she has been researching particularly on service provisions for refugees among service providers. Her theoretical framework is established from several existing models/theories, consisting of gateway provider model, cultural competence model, and organizational theory. As you know, this is an area that has not been well documented across disciplines. The progress of her dissertation goes well. Eunyoung is collecting data and working very hard with the committee. As the chair of her dissertation, I am convinced that she will complete her dissertation by this year. Eunyoung' dissertation research will have implications for both practice and research by testing her theoretical model to identify service provider's individual factors and organizational factors associated with better/more effective service provisions for refugees. In order to make her research feasible, she has been volunteering at Refugee and Immigration Services in Columbia, MO in the past three years including her social work practicum. She has been interacting with a number of immigrants and refugees from many different countries, and service providers. Hence, these experiences will facilitate her to work well with various types of immigrant/refugee populations, and service providers. Additionally, her aptitude for research work is evidenced by the successful completion of a range of research projects that she has been involving with. As results, she has been publishing three peer‐reviewed journal articles, one book chapter, and two presentations. Moreover, she is the receipt of 2016-2017 Outstanding Dissertation Proposal Award by CSWE Korean American Social Work Educators Association. Additionally her students and instructors highly rated her teaching assistantship.

Eunyoung Jang

Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri has been resettling refugees from around the world in central Missouri since 2011. On average, over 150 refugees pass through CCCNMO’s doors each year and are successfully placed into homes, jobs, and local schools. CCCNMO provides culturally competent, trauma informed care to some of the most vulnerable individuals that an agency can encounter. Many of the refugees served have spent years awaiting placement in camps where they fled to avoid war, religious persecution, and terror. CCCNMO has also played host to numerous undergraduate and graduate students completing internships in various fields that include social work and public health. They have developed healthy partnerships with other community agencies, employers, and the local school district. Several former refugees now serve as case managers and the staff is comprised of individuals from varying religious and cultural backgrounds, all dedicated to providing care and creating hope for individuals and families displaced from their homes. In addition to direct service, Catholic Charities staff advocate on the local, state, and national levels to ensure that refugees have a voice in the halls of powers and are not overlooked and forgotten.

Catholic Charities logo

Jennifer GanawayJenny Ganaway received her MSW from Mizzou in 2010. She has been a long-time employee of Burrell Behavioral Health and currently serves as the Director of Adult Services, overseeing multiple clinics located within a 10 county service area in central Missouri. Jenny is an exemplary social worker and displays the values and characteristics necessary to succeed in this demanding field: she is compassionate, caring, and patient while also exhibiting firm boundaries and the ability to challenge her clients and co-workers when necessary. A favorite of both clients and staff, Jenny is known for her consistency, attention to detail, and for follow through – if Jenny says she is going to do something, you can count on it getting done and getting done well. Jenny has provided countless hours of supervision to BSW and MSW graduates who come to work at Burrell and has been a true mentor to many successful professional social workers. She is calm in crisis and a reassuring presence when times get tough. Jenny is a fine example of the type of social worker that Mizzou produces and an excellent candidate for Outstanding Alumni 2017

Past Recipients

  • Outstanding BSW Student Award: Jennifer Shearin
  • Outstanding MSW Student Award: Niki Vandable
  • Outstanding PhD Student: Abigail Rolbiecki
  • Outstanding Faculty Member: Clark Peters
  • Outstanding Alumni: Lisa Smith
  • Outstanding BSW Student Award: Daniel Stribling
  • Outstanding MSW Student Award: Betsy Smith
  • Outstanding PhD Student: Ashley Gage
  • Outstanding Faculty Member: David Albright
  • Outstanding Social Service Agency: First Chance for Children
  • Outstanding Alumni: Becky Beck
  • Outstanding BSW Student: Antaniece Sills
  • Outstanding MSW Student: Daniel Lester
  • Outstanding PHD Student: Mustapha Alhassan
  • Outstanding Faculty Member: Jennifer Carter-Dochler
  • Outstanding Social Service Agency: Family Counseling Center
  • Outstanding Alumni: Teresa Titus-Howard and Donald Howard
  • Outstanding BSW Student: Kam Phillips
  • Outstanding MSW Student: Kelly Jackson
  • Outstanding PHD Student: Michelle Kaiser
  • Outstanding Faculty Member: Suzanne Carey
  • Outstanding Social Service Agency: Love INC
  • Outstanding Alumni: Judy Hillyer
  • Outstanding BSW Student: Anna Hoskins
  • Outstanding MSW Student: Melissa Fritts
  • Outstanding PHD Student: Amber Moodie-Dyer
  • Outstanding Faculty Member: Dr. Dale Fitch
  • Outstanding Social Service Agency: Fulton State Hospital
  • Outstanding Alumni: Jayne Bury Leet
  • Outstanding BSW Student: Claire Schillinger
  • Outstanding MSW Student: Sarah Longlett
  • Outstanding PHD Student: Kirsten Havig
  • Outstanding Social Service Agency: Missouri Alliance for Children and Families
  • Outstanding Alumni: Norma Knowles, MSW, LCSW
  • Outstanding BSW Student: Nia Manning
  • Outstanding MSW Student: Ryan Black
  • Outstanding PHD Student: Seema Sehrawat
  • Outstanding Faculty: ManSoo Yu, PhD, MSW, MA
  • Outstanding Social Service Agency: Family Guidance Center for Behavioral Healthcare - St. Joseph, MO; President & CEO, Garry Hammond accepted the award on behalf of the agency
  • Outstanding Alumni: Malinda Lamb, PhD, LISW, CCJP
  • Outstanding BSW Student: Alisha Waller
  • Outstanding MSW Student: Karen A. Enyard
  • Outstanding PHD Student: Michele L. Day
  • Outstanding Faculty: Martha Markward
  • Outstanding Social Service Agency: Boys & Girls Town of Missouri
  • Outstanding Alumni: Dasi Schlup
  • Outstanding BSW Student: Gayle Ervin
  • Outstanding MSW Student: Kristin Baker
  • Outstanding PhD Student: Andrew Muriuki
  • Outstanding Faculty: Elizabeth Wilson
  • Outstanding Social Service Agency: Ellis Fischel Cancer Center Patient and Family Services
  • Outstanding Alumni: Paula Richards
  • Outstanding BSW Student Award: Carmen Washington
  • Outstanding MSW Student Award: Mark Miller
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Michael J. Kelly, MSSW, PhD, LCSW
  • Outstanding Alumni Award: Vince Hillyer, MSW'94 ACSW, LCSW
  • Outstanding BSW Student Award: Kelly Ferrario
  • Outstanding MSW Student Award: Angela Kay Davis, BSW
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Carol Snively, MA, MSW, PhD
  • Outstanding Alumni Award: Ann Ruhl Woody, BASW '68, MSSW '71
  • Outstanding BSW Student Award: Megan Klenke
  • Outstanding MSW Student Award: Audrey Shearer
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Kalea Benner
  • Outstanding Alumni Award: Gene L. Svebakken
  • Outstanding BSW Student Award: Julie Ditmars
  • Outstanding BSW Student Award: Dia M. Carpenter
  • Outstanding MSW Student Award: Kimberly Erin Scott
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Assistant Professor Fran Danis, MSW, PhD
  • Outstanding Alumni Award: William H. Fuser, MS in Social Work ‘70
  • Outstanding BSW Student Award: Brent M. Coleman
  • Outstanding MSW Student Award: Nadie Antranette Dubose
  • Outstanding Faculty Award: Marjorie Sable, MSW, MPH, DrPH
  • Outstanding Alumni Award: James C. Brady, MSW ‘78