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College of Human Environmental Sciences

Center on Criminal and Juvenile Justice Priorities

Welcome to the Center on Criminal and Juvenile Justice Priorities. Our web page is currently under construction. Please check back soon.

Kelli CanadaKelli Canada PhD, MSW, Co-Founder

Ashley GivensAshley Givens, PhD, MSW, LCSW

Clark PetersClark Peters, PhD, JD, AM, Co-Founder

Kathleen PrebleKathleen Preble, PhD, MSW

David RuggeriDavid Ruggeri, PhD, MSAE, MBA

Aaron ThompsonAaron Thompson, PhD, MSW, MID

Sarah Myers TlapekSarah Myers Tlapek, PhD, MSW


Dan HannekenDan Hanneken, MSW, LCSW

More information coming soon.

Faculty from the Center for Criminal and Juvenile Justice Priorities developed a Criminal and Juvenile Justice minor that is responsive to the contemporary needs of professionals working with these systems, people who have contact with the justice system, and victims of crimes. This minor is comprised of classes across campus and prepares students with knowledge about the criminal and juvenile justice system, social justice, criminology theory, domestic violence, race and class, government, and theories of deviance.

University of Missouri Criminology/Criminal and Juvenile Justice Minor - see course offerings below:

Apply for Minor

Course Department Course Number Course Title
Social Work 4370 Delinquency, Corrections & Social Treatment
Social Work 4400 Domestic Violence (same as WGST 4400)
Social Work 4410 Law and Social Work Practice
Social Work 1200 Criminal Justice
Sociology 1650 Social Deviance
Sociology 2200 Social Inequalities
Sociology 3600 Criminology (same as PEA_ST 3600)
Political Science 2100 State Government
Political Science 2200 The Judicial Process
PATH_AS 4420W Forensic Pathology and Death Investigation (WI)
PSYCH 3860 Law & Psychology
Black Studies 4303 Race, Class, Gender and U.S. Social Policy
History 4415 African Americans and American Justice (same as BL_STU 4415)
WGST 3260 Themes in Gender, Law and Justice

Field Placements:

The School of Social Work has a number of criminal and juvenile justice field placements that provide students with an opportunity to learn about policy and program development, service provision, victim services, and alternatives to incarceration. Some of our field sites include the Missouri Department of Corrections, In2Action, Gateway Foundation, Veterans Administration, Probation and Parole, Juvenile Justice Center, Love Inc., Prosecutor’s Office – Victim Services, Family Access Center of Excellence, Alternative Sentencing, and the Integrative Behavioral Health Center.

To receive updates on the activities of the CCJJP and related events on campus and in the region, send an email to